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My Polls  

12/14/10 In 2012...Obama or Palin?
12/04/10 Should the Gub'ment extend unemployment to 151 weeks?
12/04/10 What would you do for a Million Dollars?
11/30/10 Has Wikileaks proven just how weak Obama is as President?
11/25/10 Have Aliens from outer space visited Earth?
11/24/10 Should all politicians (even the President) be drug tested on a random basis?
11/21/10 Should TSA continue these invasive search methods at airports?
11/20/10 Who should receive a tax break?
11/19/10 Which Political Party ended slavery?
11/19/10 Is Obama a better President than Bush43?
11/17/10 Will President Obama be re-elected in 2012?

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