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My Polls  

11/23/15 Do you think Christmas is getting more expensive
11/23/15 What is your favorite thing about Thanksgiving
11/23/15 Have you been naughty or nice this year?
11/01/15 You unfriend someone because
10/20/15 Do you think one can develop real friendship (not romantic) on a social website
10/20/15 Do you read the comments posted on your page?
10/05/15 Why did you join Boomers
09/18/15 Who do you think played the best role as James Bond
09/08/15 The worst thing about fast food
09/08/15 Which items do you shop for on Black Fridays
09/08/15 Do you have health insurance?
09/08/15 Do you use your smartphone to make purchases?
09/08/15 Have you ever googled your name?
09/02/15 Which Is Your Favorite Beatle?
09/02/15 What's Your Favorite Thing To Do Online
09/02/15 What would you rather wear
09/02/15 How do you like the current political situation
08/31/15 Would you marry someone 10 years younger than you
08/31/15 Would date someone 20 years older than you
08/31/15 Have you ever lied about your age?
08/28/15 Whose picture is on the ten dollar bill
08/28/15 Your favorite British group in the sixties
08/26/15 At what time do you go to bed
08/26/15 Are you addicted to?
08/26/15 Do you sing in the shower?
08/26/15 I want
08/26/15 Are You Shy?
08/26/15 Do You Laught A Lot?
08/26/15 If could travel through time where would you go?

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