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12/19/10 I think FKNSTEVEN'S olls are:
12/19/10 When someone greets me with "Happy Holidays" I:
12/19/10 If I could read my spouse's mind, I would:
12/09/10 If you could visit a period in history, which would it be?
12/06/10 Is building a mosque at Ground Zero an issue of:
12/06/10 Is Obama's religion:
12/06/10 When it's snowing outside, and I'm home, I like to:
12/06/10 I am a My Space Refugee
12/06/10 The first time I had sex I was:
12/06/10 When I find myself home alone I:
12/06/10 When I call a gov't number and have a one hour wait time I:
12/06/10 When I look in the mirror I see an old person:
12/04/10 How many times have you been married?
12/04/10 What is your faith?
12/04/10 What is your favorite Superman show?
12/04/10 Who is your favorite Superman?
12/04/10 Who is your favorite Batman?
12/01/10 Is it true that Obama:
12/01/10 It's December. Do greet people with:

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