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08/02/14 Deleted from friends list unexpectedly
08/02/14 Favorite Saturday morning Classic Cartoon
08/02/14 Fav classic Sultry film Action Siren #2
08/02/14 Fav classic Sultry film Action Siren
08/02/14 Fav Classic Movie Drama Dames
08/02/14 Fav Movie Alleged Biblical classics
08/02/14 Fav Film Noir Gangsta's
08/02/14 Male teen Favorite 50's female actress
08/02/14 Fav 50's Movie male teen heart throb
06/18/13 The Voice Winner is...
03/05/13 The Biggest Lie?
07/03/12 Why do wrong people get voted into office?
02/15/11 De Jure ~ De Facto ...do you know the difference?
01/05/11 Has the man of today become less masculine as women have become less dependent on them?
01/05/11 Tattoo's on women
01/01/11 Best Singer ever (female)
01/01/11 Best singer ever (male)
12/17/10 Most feared form of execution
12/17/10 Most remembered movie/tv Cowboy
12/17/10 Most famous indian
12/17/10 Who played most memorable cowboy?
12/17/10 Female movie star most seductive smile
12/17/10 Movie Male Most magnificent grin
12/14/10 Do you believe polls can be used by undesirable observers as a means to profile you?
12/06/10 Hottest male TV star of 70's
12/05/10 Favorite Pet (run off)
12/05/10 Rocked the best in their time
12/05/10 Just the sexiest
12/05/10 Favorite Western (runoff)
12/05/10 Favorite dog (runoff)
12/04/10 Favorite indoor recreation
12/04/10 Sport you were/are good at
12/04/10 Favorite Musical
12/04/10 Favorite pet
12/04/10 Favorite dog
12/04/10 Best Director
12/04/10 Favorite football team
12/04/10 Favorite Western
12/04/10 Played instrument best *L*
12/04/10 Favorite Female singer
12/04/10 favorite male singer
12/03/10 favorite child actor/actress
12/03/10 Most Macho movie male (toughie)
12/03/10 Classiest big screen red head

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