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09/16/19 Which Baseball Franchise would you most like to own?
09/16/19 Which Football franchise would you most like to own ?
09/16/19 Who would Right leaning conservatives persecute most if they ran for President?
09/16/19 Who would lefty/Liberals persecute MOST if they ran for president ?
09/13/19 What kind of things, should people vote for on poles ?
09/05/19 Best Music era
09/05/19 Most Dangerous Place to be in History
09/05/19 4'D dudes ~ if these cartoon caricatures were real, who would you moist likely date?
09/05/19 4'D Ladies ~ If these Cartoon caractures were real, who would you most likely date
02/28/19 Which overall occupation, Saves the Most lives ?
02/28/19 Which Job is most Dangerous per average working hour
12/04/18 with approx 1,000 weeks left to Live, what should be our focus ?
11/26/18 Can you be a Lefty/Democrat/Liberal, & a Christian, at the same time ?
10/30/18 Which Cartwrite would you want to be in a romantic relationship for 3 weeks with before you die ?
10/25/18 Why is Beer so Good ?
10/25/18 Of these, which is the Best Western TV series ?
10/25/18 John Travoltas best trend one of his Movies or Roles set
10/15/18 Which is your favorite Hashtag of these
06/14/18 Which Western Family would you like to be part of ?
06/14/18 Is Mark Taylor & true Prophet ?
06/14/18 Tommy Robinson
05/05/18 Who's Next ?
04/28/18 Which QB is the BEST MATCH in the draft so far ?
04/27/18 Who's the Best California Governor Candidate ?
04/02/18 Best Chance to Save the World
01/22/18 Immigration vs illegal immigration (are these two terms synonymous)?
01/09/18 what B dumb dum Dummer
11/17/17 is Beer is Good ?
11/03/17 [Mostly] We Must Remain....
11/03/17 Beer are go good wit;
09/20/17 of the DWTS girl pros, Who would you like most as a Girlfriend
09/20/17 DWTS ~ Who [girls], would you most want to date
09/20/17 What took Longer
09/11/17 Who's the best cartoon caracature to learn from (of these)
11/15/16 which is bestest
11/07/16 Which Political Party doth in Fact, "Boo God" ?
10/17/16 who or what is it gonna take to save the World
10/17/16 who or what is it gonna take to save the World
08/20/16 Who should the Rams start at QB
07/17/16 If you could only choose 1 of the Hobby genres for the rest of your Life
04/19/16 Who'll make the best VP choice for Trump ?
12/07/15 Beer
07/20/14 How soon will Armageddon most likely Happen

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