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01/05/17 In an effort to get even with your local store where you shop, what rambunctious behaviour do you delight in participating in?
01/04/17 Of these four annoying things about watching the news which one annoys you the most?
01/04/17 Are you a converted Trumpocrat yet?
01/04/17 Do you believe quality healthcare exists for everyone in the world?
01/01/17 For 2017 we need better?
12/19/16 If you were planning a family today, which career path would you encourage your child to pursue?
12/19/16 Best use of leftover holiday turkey?
12/19/16 On a scale of 1-10 ten being the most what level of emotional pain do you endure everyday?
12/19/16 A narrative states Trump will become Putin's lapdog, which breed would most likely be the best fit?
12/18/16 The main reason Liberals are afraid of a Trump presidency?
12/15/16 If California is successful at seceding from the USA what next?
12/15/16 Doesn't it really require less energy to be peaceful and loving?
12/13/16 Which response from the left to Clintons loss is the greatest cause for concern?
12/13/16 Jill Stein spent millions of someone elses money to get a vote recount in 3 states, which result was most revealing?
12/13/16 What caused Clinton's loss in the election?
12/07/16 Politically speaking which way do you lean?
11/29/16 Do you have home exercise equipment disguised as something else?
11/29/16 Do you have a scheduled laundry day?
11/29/16 Ice Cream?
11/29/16 Homeade soup?
11/29/16 Are there Way too many young "adults" acting like "babies" in the US?
11/29/16 How are you doing with your 2016 New Years Resolutions?
11/10/16 Do you really believe president elect Donald J Trump will make America Great Again?
11/10/16 Are you lazy?
11/10/16 Wang Chung tonight?
11/10/16 Since NAFTA (Clinton Cartel) went into effect how many manufacturing facilities have closed in the USA?
11/01/16 Who would you pick to win this celebrity Jeopardy?
11/01/16 Due to government regulations what is the estimated cost per employee for each manufacturing job in the US?
11/01/16 Which talk radio host would you listen to?
11/01/16 Which daytime tv talk show did you enjoy?
10/23/16 Who are you rooting for to win the World Series?
10/21/16 Do you still have in your possession the prized object from your childhood?
10/21/16 The October surprise has been lengthy and interesting but not a game changer, do you think much more is going to come out?
10/20/16 Metaphorically speaking when you start punching, do you always connect?
10/20/16 What question would you like to ask the presidential candidates?
10/19/16 Landline, mobile or both?
10/19/16 What is your favorite color?
10/19/16 If the president elect is impeached and removed from office which VP candidate would you prefer to take over?
10/19/16 If a quid pro quo is executed in the forest, trees fall, and emails are deleted, was a crime committed?
10/14/16 Which car model name for self driving autos would seem most appropriate to you?
10/14/16 Are farmers being totally disrespected?
10/14/16 Who in your opinion is behind all these email hackings?
10/14/16 Which action or event is the most egregious?
10/06/16 Which conspiracy rings true the most to you?
10/06/16 Which definition of H.R. Pufnstuf is most accurate?
09/21/16 Would you be willing to give up some privacy, civil rights or personal freedoms in order to fight terrorism?
09/21/16 Which classic comedy tv series would you like to see get a second run?
09/21/16 Which classic crime drama tv series would you like to see get a second run?
09/21/16 Which classic western tv series would you like to see get a second run?
09/14/16 Which activity would you most likely find Greg Gutfeld particpating in?
09/14/16 What do you think about self driving cars?
09/11/16 Do you feel another 9/11 is coming?
09/11/16 Do you respect and stand while the National Anthem is being played?
09/11/16 Your friend has vivid dreams and dreams often about people they know, would you want them to reveal a dream about you?
09/11/16 Which CNN host would be your favorite?
09/11/16 Which NFL team would be your second favorite?
08/17/16 Do aliens eat pizza?
08/17/16 If you could get a mulligan on your favorite food and eat as much as you wanted without consequences, which would you choose?
08/17/16 The future is?
08/11/16 Have you ever had an experience with a ghost, spirit or energy?
08/11/16 Which of these "The Five" hosts would be your favorite?
08/11/16 WikiLeaks promises an "October Surprise," do you think a bombshell is coming?
08/11/16 What are your feelings On space exploration?
08/11/16 Do you believe aliens are watching or amongst us?
06/28/16 If you believe dopplegangers exist would you like to meet yours?
06/27/16 A vote for Trump most likely results in:
06/27/16 A vote for Hillary most likely results in:
06/26/16 Have you ever been in touch with Angels?
06/21/16 Who would make a better first lady?
06/17/16 when the time comes...will you be ready?
05/12/16 From the classic comedy Ruthless People, which comedic pairings did you find the most hilarious?
05/12/16 Which actress in your opinion has often displayed a less than even temperament?
05/12/16 Have you tried with success or would you consider trying alternative healing?
05/10/16 What military acronym or phrase would be your favorite?
05/10/16 when is it too late?
05/10/16 Which tough guy actor from the 40's is the toughest?
05/10/16 Which actress is the sexiest?
05/10/16 Which Family Guy character would least likely be named father of the year?
05/10/16 Patrick Warburton does a lot of voice work which would be your favorite?
05/10/16 Which actor had the most charisma?
05/09/16 It's late at night you have the munchies fer some fast food snacks, which one moves you?
05/07/16 When it comes to English and grammar
05/06/16 If you had the space and financial resources which addition would you make to your back yard?
05/04/16 Which character on Family Guy is stereotyped the most?
05/04/16 Which phrase would you identify with most?
05/04/16 Which Sheldon Cooper line do you think is the funniest?
04/26/16 Do you suffer from any of these disorders I recently made up?
04/25/16 what is your favorite hippy slang
04/25/16 what annoys you the most about visiting friends pages?
04/22/16 what is your IQ (invisibility quotient 10 being the most visible)
04/22/16 Have you recovered from your worst day ever as a person?
04/17/16 are there a lot of boomers with multiple pages?
04/17/16 which one of these do you miss the most?
04/13/16 Do you make use of nightlights in your home?
03/21/16 when do you make use your SuperHumanPowers (its a thing btw)
03/17/16 should marriage laws be modified to allow a man to marry a woman and a man?
03/08/16 If a "place" gives "recognition" to "someone" who was embroiled in a "controversy" does this cheapen the "recognition"?
02/29/16 metaphorically speaking what do you bring to the table?
02/13/16 when it comes to "bringing it"
01/16/16 Which response describes cheating best to you?
12/11/15 When you are cornered and need to defend yourself, what is your choice of weaponry?
12/11/15 If a nuclear war broke out tomorrow what would be your next move?
12/11/15 If you enjoy holding hands, which hand do you prefer held?
12/11/15 Do you ever participate in the public display of affection?
12/11/15 Should psychics be excluded from playing the Lottery?

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