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Close your eyes
Let me tell you all the reasons why
Think you're one of a kind
Here's to you
The one that always pulls us through
Always do what you gotta do
You're one of a kind
Thank God you're mine
You're an angel dressed in armor
You're the fair in every fight
You're my life and my safe harbor
Where the sun sets every night
And if my love is blind
I don't want to see the light
It's your beauty that betrays you
Your smile gives you away
Cause you're made of strength and mercy
And my soul is yours to save
I know this much is true
When my world was dark and blue
I know the only one who rescued me was you
Close your eyes
Let me tell you all the reasons why
You're never gonna to have to cry
Because you're one of a kind
Yeah, here's to you
The one that always pulls us through
You always do what you gotta do baby
Because you're one of a kind
When your love pours down on me
I know I'm finally free
So I tell you gratefully
Every single beat in my heart is yours to keep
So close your eyes
Let me tell you all the reasons why babe
You're never going to have to cry baby
Because you're one of a kind
Yeah, here's to you
You're the one that always pulls us through
You always do what you got to do babe
'Cause you're one of a kind
You're the reason why I'm breathing
With a little look my way
You're the reason that I'm feeling
It's finally safe to stay

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06/24/2021 06:53:34

Good day to you Wanda...Hugs 

06/24/2021 06:16:56

Hi Babe Smile!!!...Beautiful Weather Still And There I Was Cooped Up In A Recording Studio For Six Hour Stint Arranging And Recording Some Of My Compositions For Glastonbury Agents..Really Disappointed That Portobello Road Festival Is Cancelled Again For Another Year I've Been Going Since It Started In Fact I Often Played With Different Groups On The Parade Floats Really Going To Miss The Fun Side Of It But Will Just Have To Make Hay While The Sun Shines...

And By Way Of Compensation To Me I'm Going To Fly Back To My Little Piece Of Shangri_La In Cornwall And Have A Couple More Days While Jenny Is On Holiday In Spain Lovely  No One To Hassle Me About Contracts What The Eye Doesn't See The Heart Doesn't Grieve INNIT SMILE!!!...I Keep Saying Have A Lovely W/End Even On A Monday...Lol But Do Go For It Before The Rain Cometh And Do Something That Makes You Happy...You Know Your Worth It So Give It A Go It Will Keep That Lovely Smile Of Yours Radiant And Make Your Heart Very Happy If You Let It OK???Sooo Take Care Sweeetttzzz Be Happy Hun See You Soon...



06/24/2021 05:53:45

A Cup Of Coffee Just For You
Just Be Happy
Happy Thursday
Friends Give Us The Courage To Lift The Blinds On Our Hearts To Open
The Evolution Of Man And Woman

06/24/2021 05:52:21

I wish you a happy Thursday Wanda..Love and kisses ! smiley-wink.gif

06/24/2021 05:47:49

Have a great thursday!! Dear friend hugs Vanna

06/24/2021 05:24:49

Happy Thursday, dear friend.
Got my Covid shot today. I feel fine so far.
Had my flu shot last week not knowing that I'll get called in for Covid shot so soon.
We had to register online, figured it will be a while.
I didn't really want to do it, but we have a lot of positive now than we did when it first started last year.
Wish you a safe and blessed Thursday.
Love and hugs

06/24/2021 04:55:32

Have a nice day my sweety!
Love & Hugs


06/24/2021 04:47:46

Hello my dear friend,

It is reg.

A dull looking day,  

No sun and cloudy,

Gone colder as well.

Have a wonderful,

Fantastic Thursday.


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Thursday comments


Love and hugs,



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