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Hey everyone.. Been a Few Years. -I am Back!

mem_normal2 OFFLINE
46 years old
Los Angeles, California
United States
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friggin Hollywood!...

Mostly METAL, Thrash & Punk (not that bubble-gum shit) then I go off in My Pink Floyd Frank Zappa Moods.. or then it gets much much Worse! Classical...

Yeah.. I am one that actuality still knows how to fucking READ!... (I Hate fiction)

Drinking BEER & playin Music. (Drunken Musician)

soon as I can figure out how to post them? (Yeah I forgot)

to Kick IT!.. a lil further down the gutter...

10/03/17 Hillary Clinton
10/02/17 political party You identify most with
09/27/17 Donald Trump: Love Him or Hate Him?

"About Me... Hmmm.. Some of You in here may remember Me. I came in here like a very bad storm years ago... lolz!
Waiting for some of My "Old Peeps" in here to See My Name & realize I am back! Hehehehee
(I will try to be on My best behavior this time)

I am already on. (no need to be "Turned")

98% of the human race...

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01/19/2018 12:33:30

Some people are meant only to stay 

in your heart..  but not in your life..

~ Unknown ~

01/19/2018 09:23:04

Hello my friend, may God shower you  more abundant  blessings today and always.  .  Hugs and Kisses, Grace  Lily

01/19/2018 09:11:46

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