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Appeared Ultra Q 15th story," a cocoon of kanegon "

・Height: 2 meters

・Weight: 200 kg

・Hometown: Tokyo suburbs (Sakuragaoka Tama area), the boy's room of the house Kaneo


Staple food bills and coins. The amount needed per day 3,510 Yen (1966)

・You'd be very greedy for money, you'll turn into Me!!

Episode15 Kanegon's Cocoon

Supervisor: Harunosuke Nakagawa

Scenario: Masahiro Yamada

Monster: Coin monster-Kanegon

Guest: Fumio Watanabe, Masanari Nihei, Torahiko Hamada , and Akiko Nomura

Kanegon is a fictional kaiju from the tokusatsu TV series, Ultra Q created by Eiji Tsuburaya.

Kanegon appeared in Episode 15, written by Masahiro Yamada.

The story of Kanegon is very famous in Japan and can be linked to well-known western

transformation/metamorphosis stories such as Kafka's The Metamorphosis or the movie

The Fly.

Like many other kaiju, a large amount of merchandise,including toys, exists with the Kanegon

character likeness.

Ultra Q:

Kanegon appears in episode 15 of Ultra Q (1966), named Kanegon's Cocoon.

The story is one of a little boy, Kaneo, who treasures money above everything.

One morning, he wakes up transformed in a human-sized monster with a clam-shaped

'purse' head with zippered mouth and has to eat money to survive.

The Ultra Q Episode Kanegon's Cocoon originally aired on April 10, 1966.


A greedy boy named Kaneo Kaneda (in Japanese, kane means money) finds a small

cocoon-like object at the dump site where all the children enjoy scavenging for loot, much to

the chagrin of the site's workers.

Kaneo is delighted to hear the sound of coins rattling inside of the object.

When his parents warn him about the creature named

Kanegon, who eats money and is brought about by such greedy behavior, Kaneo takes little

heed to their story.

Instead, he is ecstatic to find that the little cocoon has grown enormous,as he envisions vast

riches inside.

Eager to obtain his new-found wealth, Kaneo reaches into the cocoon and is pulled inside.

The next morning, the young boy wakes up, "hatching" from the cocoon as the monster


After frightening his parents away, Kanegon seeks out his friends for help.

He must have money to eat or his body will lose energy and he could die..

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01/14/2018 18:48:56

I haven't been on here in a while. As you know my husband Ken was
fighting cancer, well he lost his battle about 8 weeks ago. I have had a
lot of stuff on my plate to take care of and deal with. when Ken was
living my time was taken up for the 7 months of his battle with caring
for him. I have been dealing with my grief and home and things of that
nature since his passing. I was blessed to have shared 30 wonderful
years with my husband. Now I'm trying to learn to live the new life that
has been handed to me. I shared everything with Ken he was my best
friend as well as my partner in this life. I still can't believe he's
gone, my heart hurts beyond words. Just wanted to stop on your page real
quick and let you now what has been up with me. Not sure how often I'll
be on here, but I want wish you a wonderful new week ahead. Take care
my friend. Much love to you from me.


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