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mem_normal2 OFFLINE
69 years old
Home, Washington
United States
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Yes, I love movies and have more than a thousand if them in my collection, old ones, new ones, inbetwen ones. My favories, shucks just too many to list in such a tiny space.

I love Rock-n-roll, and Blues, as well as bluegrass, good classical now and then and various types of ethnic music, the good ones full of life and rythms

Music that makes my feet tap, my fingers play the rythm, and my body want to move, music that makes me just plain feel good.
I also play music when the need arrives.

3,000 and counting, I love books. In fact they are clogging up the house now, lots of them in every room, I need a bigger house, or just more walls for shelves. Plus how else are we to learn if we don't read? Those who read learn, those that don't, well they just don't.

Woodworking, Music: colecting, listening and playing
I collecting things, for one LOTS of books

Retired in the woods years ago, so I could breathe real air and my kids would be safe from the flying bullets in town.
Now I enjoy my grandkids and my many hobbies.
Still looking for my muse, so I can finish writing the books and music locked up inside me. Oh Muse, where art thou?
The Lost in Home title refers to the name of the town I live just outside of, don't ya just love that name, I have a lot of fun with it, like when people ask me where I'm from or where I live, I get to say Home, and then watch the look on the face.
Under Religion mine says no answer, that's because Other wasn't a choice.

What ever makes me feel good. As I've been saying for years now "If it feels good DO IT; if it doesn't well then don't" a very simple philosophy isn't it? And one I think every one should follow. Just imagine a world where that was true.

Ignorance, especially on purpose
Sheep and lemmings

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