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luv to my visitors..

I play the harmonica

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I play the harmonica..

I play the harmonica..
I play the harmonica

I'm a nurse..my hobby is harmonica..the above videos are some I uploaded, I play the harmonica

check out my uploads here on this site sometime..I do a few covers, a few originals
my video..I play the harmonica and John Leon on guitar,vocals








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06/25/2017 05:42:10
Good morning on this Sunday morning.  It was rather chilly this morning when I went out for my exercise, 48° F.  I think the high for today is supposed to be 65°.  About the same tomorrow.  Then it will get back into the seventies.  It was a pleasant morning for exercise.  And I got an early start so that relaxation is the keyword for today.

Someone died on my facebook page, from my friends list.  I never got to meet her because she is from England.  But she really was a nice person and she was the first person I seen on facebook publish Live.  She took me through some stores and an arcade.  It really was neat to hear people talk over there with slang.  It is a lot different than reading someone.  I guess I knew her from approximately 2009 on a different site and then we rendezvoused on facebook.  I guess we are all going to go sometime anyway but I don't think she was very old.  I doubt if she was 50.  Maybe early forties to be honest.  I lived vicariously through her exploits.  She did a lot of concerts and so forth.  I was able to entertain some British cuisine through her exploits.  So be it!  I shall probably see her on the other side if I don't need a passport.

Plans for today include nothing.  I'm expecting a chance of rain this afternoon.  At least with the cool weather, when we get the rain it is not a bad storm.  I certainly have not had to do a lot of water in my garden in this cool weather with the rain we have been getting.  I am highly suspicious that I will have to make my way back to the dentist eventually.  I think my tooth is bothering me somewhat.  It has been sensitive to hot and cold but occasionally he gets one of those bothersome aches.  It shall be a game time decision.  I have a cleaning by the hygienist in August and if she puts water that is too cold war too hot, I shall be extremely sensitive.  Of course if the tooth bothers me, I shall be able to tell him which tooth is bothering me.

Have a good Sunday.  Monday is almost here and we can get back to our real lives.  Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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06/25/2017 01:38:45

Have a beautiful Sunday love and peace my dear friend a Bings Hugs :)

06/24/2017 22:25:39

06/24/2017 11:09:35

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06/24/2017 08:10:20


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06/24/2017 04:15:40

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06/24/2017 01:49:02

Have a joyful Saturday light love peace my dear friend a Big Hugs Smile :)ImageDost.com - Free Fast Image Hosting For Everyone !ImageDost.com - Free Fast Image Hosting For Everyone !ImageDost.com - Free Fast Image Hosting For Everyone !ImageDost.com - Free Fast Image Hosting For Everyone !

06/23/2017 17:27:37

Sweet dreams and goodnight my sweet friend I hope you have great evening hugs love and kisses

06/23/2017 14:00:19

Thanks you my Darling Wishing you  a  great weekend     Hugs&love Always Your Billy xoxo

06/23/2017 06:16:27
Good morning on this Friday morning.  It is MOVIE DAY and I have found a couple of selections to attend.  After going through last week without being able to attend, I am now forced to make a decision on the theater today.  I probably would go and see the movie about the women going cage diving, but that is going to start after 10:00 AM.  There is another selection that is starting at 8:50 AM and I probably shall attend.  It actually is a ridiculous movie but I am already invested in the series.  And the starting time makes me want to go.  So for all intents and purposes, if you are charting my life, I shall be leaving in approximately 3 hours.

It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day today.  After having rain the last 24 hours, this is going to be a good change.  I'm also planning on going on tour tonight to several establishments.  It will be nice not to be caught in the rain.  That being said, I believe the rain is returning tomorrow, and I do not live in Spain.  I am already off to a good start this morning.  I was able to complete my exercise protocol.  It must have stopped raining sometime overnight as there were things that were still wet.  Of course I shall not have to water the garden.

I leave you now with the knowledge that I am constantly being verbally assaulted on Twitter and FaceBook.  Those are two places that when people do not like your views they let you know about it.  Of course I'm the same way but I refrain from using vulgar language.  I was really kind of shocked to see the language that famous people use.  Have a good day.  Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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