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All gifts for ChickendudeVinster
From: NaturesAlly
Gift: Happy Birthday
Type: Public
Message: happy birthday
From: CinderellaGirl
Gift: Happy Birthday!
Type: Public
Message: Happy Birthday!!! Blessings for today and EVERY day.
From: RiverRiffs
Gift: Merry Christmas!
Type: Public
Message: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Vinster!
From: Veni-Vidi-Didi
Gift: Your Special
Type: Public
Message: Thank you for your valued friendship on My Boomer Place.. Sadly, I have to leave now.. To avoid becoming a dreaded 'grey box' on your Friends List, I've removed myself from it (I hope you'll understand?).. Take care.. Many thanks & Kind regards,
From: sunnydays365
Gift: Starbucks
Type: Public
Message: Have a super Day my Friend ~ God Bless ~ Hugs ~ Louise ` xo !! `
From: bessiegibson
Gift: Happy Easter
Type: Public
Message: Thanks for being my dear friend . wish you a great Ester . hugs
From: Engel54
Gift: Happy Birthday
Type: Public
Message: hello
Gift: chapagne-on-ice
Type: Public
Message: Wishing you a champagne mood. Mary
From: WynterSnow
Gift: Happy New Year!
Type: Public
Message: Hey, sweet Vince you and your sweet Betty have a wonderful New Year. Hugs
From: Diamond69
Gift: kiss to you
Type: Public
Message: ♥ ☆ ♥Hope Your Weekend Rocks♥ ☆ ♥

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