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Viña del Mar
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07/17/2018 17:33:36

Just me..

Leaving a little Twisted Tuesday funnies for you!

07/17/2018 17:02:01


Teething Toy

Well now, you've probably heard it rumored that here in Deadwood we
have such a tough neighborhood that our babies teeth on guns. And the
fact of the matter is, this is the very truth. I happen to know
the lady who was responsible for the start of this rumor. Nice woman,
married with a baby. One afternoon, she saw a drifter approaching her
house. She knew he would bother her something fierce for food and take
advantage of her. So she took out her husband's gun. To her dismay, she
found that it weren't loaded. Jest then, that drifter walked right in
the door without knocking or nothing. So the woman dropped the empty gun
into the crib and tried to fend him off. The drifter was all set
to take every bite of food the little lady had prepared for her
husband's dinner, and give her a hard time to boot. But he happened to
glance into the crib, and saw the woman's little feller jest gumming
away at the handle of the gun. Well that drifter turned pale and
high-tailed it out of there. Left Deadwood as far behind as he could. He
didn't cotton to the idea of stayin' in a place where the babies teeth
on guns.




Just stoppin' by to say howdy friend...


07/17/2018 16:55:46

Image result for have a great afternoon

07/17/2018 10:14:34

She's got the eyes of innocence; the face of an angel. 

A personality of a dreamer & a smile that hides 

more pain than you can ever imagine.

~ Unknown ~

07/17/2018 07:26:40

buenos dias amigos

feliz y soleado martes 



07/16/2018 21:00:48

I love my dog...and he loves me too.

Image result for funny  woman skateboarding gif

I walk him daily...but sometimes he is shy and wants me to hold him tight.

Related image

He wants to eat what I eat.

Image result for dog sleeping woman gif

He makes a good body pillow.

Image result for dog great week gif

07/16/2018 18:29:54


Old Man Moses

It's not hard to catch a meal in New Hampshire, no sir. Take my
neighbor, Old Man Moses, who lives down a piece from me. One morning,
Old Man Moses went out his kitchen door and found twelve turkeys on his
fence. He figured one of them would make a good dinner, but he was
afeared that if he went to get his gun, them turkeys would be gone when
he returned.

So Old Man Moses tossed his ax at them turkeys,
hoping to get at least one. But his ax caught the tree branch above the
turkeys on the fence. The branch fell into the pond, taking the turkeys
with it and trapping their legs right good. Old Man Moses went right
into the pond after them turkeys, his great coat floating around him
like a fishing net. By the time he came ashore, Old Man Moses had
snagged himself twelve turkeys and a passel of fish for his supper.
Ain't nowhere else I know of where you can catch a weeks worth of meals
in under ten minutes 'cept in New Hampshire. Just ask Old Man Moses.




Wishing you a good evening friend...


07/16/2018 15:50:10

Női png képek

Sorry, I'd rather be home
with my Family than out
partying every weekend.

I'm not boring,
I just have priorities....

Have a Wonderful
and Safe Time ,
With you love ones,
my sweetheart..     .
♥ Nancy ♥

Ansel Elgort and Violetta Komyshan

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