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Lady Stardust

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The Man Who Fell to Earth
Les Enfants du Paradis
Midnight Express
La Belle & la Bête
Vampire Diaries & True Blood
Seven Years in Tibet
Les 400 coups
Le temps des gitans
Orange Mécanique
Elephant Man
Lynch, Cassavettes, Truffaut, Kubrick...

David Bowie Forever & Ever...
Kate Bush, Iggy Pop, Moby, Portishead,
Tricky, Jimi Hendrix, Carl Off, Garbage,
Louis Amstrong, Serge Gainsbourg, The Cure,
The Savages, 30 seconds from Mars...

Hello DearHearts !

My Band Minute Papillons has Composed a Trippy Oniric Music
to Illustrate the Magnificent Universe of Eric Roux Fontaine !

I hope you will Enjoy our Collaboration on my Video ;)

With Kisses & Hugs my Friends,

Femmes qui court avec les Loups,
Le grand Secret,
les Histoires extra d'Edgar Allan Poe,
Belle de Seigneur,
Libération Animale,
Stoppez le Monde,
Autobiographie d'un yogi,
L'élégance des veuves,
Rimbaud, Hugo, Romain Gary, Baudelaire, Hugo, Orwell...

Bienvenue Chers Amis !!

I'm Corinne, the Minute Papillons singer,
this second profile is my private one ;)

Just a Lover of Life, Friends, Family, Animals, Music, Freedom, Arts, Compassion, Nature, Magic, Mysteries, Other Twilight & Love...!!

I propose you our latest Video 'Tolstoy' which represents for me the Quintessence of Love.
At the time of this performance, Didier my guitarist & fiancé hardly stood on the stage
so much the disease had weakened him.
But after three years of fighting this illness, Didier is cured by Hope, Rock'n'Roll and Love.
This montage is awkward but the song is sincere, it defends the Rights of All living Beings.
The lyrics are a mixture of English, Russian & French...;)

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05/25/2019 04:33:28

Have a beautiful day dear friend!!!! 

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05/25/2019 03:38:11

05/25/2019 03:22:58

05/25/2019 02:41:27

May your Friday be Filled by Lovely Moments my Friend...;)

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05/25/2019 01:22:36

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Have a great weekend!

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05/25/2019 00:40:13

Have a great weekend :) xoxoos

05/25/2019 00:24:11

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