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03/24/2017 07:01:19
Good morning.  This is MOVIE DAY and the selection has been made.  People starting to get pumped up for the movies.  My countdown is approximately 3 hours, give or take.  I usually try to arrive fashionably late.  That way I miss the commercials and the trailers.  I go to the movie often enough that I get to see what is coming up enough.  In either case, my pictorial for today makes the movie self evident.  I really don't like one of the stars, Jake Gyllenhaal, but I shall have to live with it.

We had a rainstorm last night, complete with  thunder and lightning.  I had previewed the weather in advance and I was also expecting some rain later mixed with snow.  I don't believe that came to pass as the temperature is 40°.  I wasn't expecting to go for my exercise protocol this morning due to inclement weather.  So I woke up at 3:00 AM and decided not to get up.  At 4:00 AM, I stuck my head out the door and it looked like I could at least get a partial exercise in.  I ended up completing my assignment although it was somewhat late for this writer.  I don't like traffic but it was good to get the assignment in.  I think the temperature will rise to 45° today.  That is acceptable for this time of year in my backyard.

I leave you now in the hopes that you'll be able to accomplish everything you wish.  Hopefully it will not be like Kirk Douglas in Spartacus.  Have a good day.  I'm drinking the bad coffee as I do not know if I shall be able to complete the assignment of drinking the pot of coffee because of my appointment at the movie theater.  And of course there is no stereo because of lent.  So I go on my merry way with a simple admonishment, Ciao for now and watch your wallet!
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03/23/2017 06:32:05
Good morning.  A little warmer this morning than yesterday morning, however, the wind was challenging on my exercise protocol.  As I finished up, I thought I felt a hint of precipitation on my face.  I have now had time to preview the weather for today and I do not like it.  There is rain, and then rain turning to snow.  I would not imagine it is going to turn into too much, however, it brings back the nightmare of the winter.  Humbug!

I managed to get over to the church yesterday for the funeral.  I ended up not knowing anyone except the official participants.  I did have a long discussion with a nun.  Always good to discuss theology with a nun.  Of course, they dress in civilian garb now.  When I was a child, they were in full battle regalia.  I positioned myself near an exit for an early escape.  I did not have to use it as no one attempted to talk to me.  So everything was pleasant.  This was not really too traumatic for this writer as I knew this guy casually from work.  And that was a million years ago.

I leave you now in the hopes that in case it is Garbage Day where you are, there is a successful pickup of your garbage.  I do not intend to participate in that today.  I was successful the other day in dumping my garbage at the grocery store.  Have a good day.  My status is much the same as usual for this time of day.  Minus the stereo as it is lent.  Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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in disguise

03/22/2017 07:33:29
Good morning on a day I like to call Hump Day.  It is also a German day, see the picture of the Bavarian whatever.  It is also a day that you can do nothing, which most of us do on a daily basis.  In either case, that covers the important events of the globe.  I may decide to attend a funeral mass later today.  It is optional as I am not a close friend or relative, as a matter of fact none of his family and friends know I exist.  I like that kind of a situation because I usually sit near a door that I can make a hasty getaway to the outside world.  It is just someone I worked with in the distant past.

Yesterday I was out and about.  I managed to go on safari to the grocery store, and then a trip to the mall.  While at the mall I managed to catch a quick nap.  One of the stores had some nice beds set up for my convenience.  The only problem is they did not have any inflatable dolls.  In either case, I bought a couple of items that I really did not need.  Always hard to turn down a bargain.

Yesterday I experienced a problem with one of the sites that I use for videos.  I had a problem with it blocking my flash.  I had this problem once before several months ago.  I did some extensive research and I don't think any of it did me any good.  However, I was able to rectify the problem somehow.  I tried a similar solution yesterday and it did not work.  It never occurred to me that it actually may be the site.  I sent a link to someone and they complained that their flash was blocked.  The good news for me is that means it is not in my computer.  For those of you who do not understand this, we have a flash in our computers, but those of us who use Google Chrome are using the one that is contained in the search engine.  That makes it easy for us because we never have to update as it is taken care of automatically.  I am hopeful that the next time I want to use it, the situation is rectified and I do not have to climb on a kitchen chair and jump.  What I was doing yesterday was not mandatory.  One could almost say it was goofing off.  Whatever!

I got out for my morning exercise early this morning.  It was somewhat cold, about 23° F.  There was some wind which made me question my sanity.  But as I went along, I conquered my humanity and became an object of derision.

I leave you now in the hope that you do absolutely nothing today.  Have a good day.  Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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03/21/2017 07:00:38
Good morning on this Tuesday morning.  My morning is off to a horrible start.  Yesterday, I was somewhat tired, and when this happens, I usually rest my eyes for about 15 minutes.  I am then good for the rest of the day.  However, I fell asleep for over an hour.  So last night I laid in bed unable to go to sleep.  So this morning I woke up at the appropriate time, around 3:00 AM, but was tired and lost my ambition for my exercise protocol.  What is worse, it is about 36° out and would have been all right for a jog.  The rest of the week is going to get cold and I shall have to marshal all of my forces to have the ambition to go out for my exercise.  And of course, the rest of the day I shall be tired.

As I put on my status yesterday, my dental appointment has been canceled.  Humbug!  Not that I want to go, but it will have to be rescheduled and the pain and suffering of going through a countdown will begin again.  So, some of us are going to the dentist today, and some of us are not.  I shall omit taking attendance on who is going and who is not.  I shall leave that between you and your religious adviser.

I am planning on activating my motor vehicle today and going on safari to the grocery store on the other side of town.  I was going to kill two birds with one stone by doing this after completion of my dental appointment on that side of town.  All of that is out the window and I shall have to make a separate trip.  I almost feel like ordering something from Best Buy so I can pick that up at the same time and feel I am productive.  However, thinking back on the situation, it seems to me I have a $10.00 coupon for JC Penney's.  The last time I bought a towel and returned it the next day even though it didn't cost me anything, much.  I have actually no use for anything but it is difficult to turn down a bargain, especially when you are practically getting it for nothing.  I shall have to pursue this angle especially if there is not a huge bargain at Best Buy.

I leave you now in the hopes that you are not one of the people going to the dentist today.  Have a good day.  My current status is the usual for this time of the morning.  I am drinking the bad coffee.  Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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03/20/2017 20:51:50

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03/20/2017 11:21:32

I hope this wonderful day will fill up y

our heart with joy and blessings. 

Have a fantastic birthday, celebrate 

the happiness on every day of your life. 

Happy Birthday!!

03/20/2017 10:47:56

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03/20/2017 06:09:24
Good morning.  Happy first day of Spring.  It sort of caught me by surprise as I was concentrating totally on my duel in the sun tomorrow.  But in either case, a fairly nice morning for my exercise protocol this morning.  I Trust everyone has made it through the weekend without posing for a mug shot.  Don't forget if you are in the Colonies to get your free ice cream cone today.

Have a good day.  Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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03/19/2017 08:05:19
Good morning on this Sunday morning.  We almost have the weekend in and hopefully no one has appeared in a mug shot.  I believe it is supposed to be a fairly nice day, weather wise.  I believe the mid fifties.  This morning when I went for my exercise, it was about 28° F, but no wind.  It was warmer yesterday but with the wind, it did not seem nice.  This morning it seemed pleasant and the air was fresh.  I almost did not want to come in after completion, but there are things to do, and communiques to write, or in this case, dictate.

In honor of Sunday, I'm drinking the good coffee.  I have not done that for a while due to the injury report on my shoulder, neck, and head.  But I decided to celebrate this morning as I can see the end of the tunnel of winter.  I am also getting close to activating my motorcycles.  April 1 is the big day, maybe even before then.  Of course there is trauma in my life as the countdown is short.  I'm approximately two days away from being tortured at the dentist's office.  I usually go on a Thursday for torture by the dental assistant.  I am going on a Tuesday for this as the countdown does not seem as traumatic.  The dentist intends to drill a hole in my tooth.  One can only hope that I can make it out of there on my own without an ambulance being called.  The girl at the desk has been sending me emails reminding me of this appointment.  So the threat is real.  There will be no call from the governor as a final reprieve.  There is a hallway that you walk down to get to the room where the dentist does his work.  From the waiting room it is approximately 15 steps.  I often wondered if that was intentional when he built the building.  They used to have clear windows on the door of the waiting room.  About a year ago, they did something to the windows where you cannot look.  I wondered why they did that.  Oh well.  The countdown continues.  There's no telling on how long I have.

I hope you have a good Sunday.  Monday is almost here and we can get back to our real world.  As previously stated it, I'm drinking the good coffee, composing communiques, and not listening to my stereo in my Ready Room.  Too much pressure for the stereo until after Black Tuesday.  Ciao for now and watch your wallet!  

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03/18/2017 05:47:21
Good morning. I was in a traumatic experience yesterday at the movie theater.  I had read that the movie was a musical fantasy movie.  However, with Emma Watson in it, I figured it could not be too much of a musical.  I always get to the movie fashionably late.  I try to avoid the advertisement and trailers if possible.  I walked into the specific theater and there was not too many people there.  I would imagine because I went to the really early showing.  However, it was populated by mostly children.  My first thought, what have I gotten into!  And then, the previews that were showing were highly for children.  Another nail in my coffin.  The movie eventually started, and my deepest fears were to come true.  They immediately started singing and I could tell this would be long-term.  I almost got up and left the theater.  However, being frugal, and the fact that Emma was in the movie, I conquered my hatred and continued the torture.  I completed the whole movie without being permanently injured.  During the movie I was required to translate some of the movie for the audience.  Some of the movie was in French.  People immediately recognized me as being the most intelligent in the theater and knew I would be the one to translate without a computer.  My recommendation is that if you're on any type of medication, do not go.  However, I would make an exception for hallucinogens.

Have a good day. Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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