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05/23/2017 06:55:54
Good morning.  It is going to rain today, and I am not in Spain.  I was not certain I was going to be able to get out and about for exercise this morning.  I knew the forecast.  I looked out the window about 3:00 AM and there were raindrops on my window.  I opened the door and it was not raining and so I decided to go for my jog.  I overdressed for the occasion.  It was 52°but I took no chances in case it would rain.  Everything went well and I completed my task without rain.

I entertained the serviceman from my provider of cable services yesterday.  He goofed around and thought everything is OK.  Last night, I had a brief interruption of services.  Nothing disastrous, maybe 5 minutes.  I did find out that these interruptions did not interrupt my recording on the DVR.  That is somewhat odd to me because I was receiving no signal.  Whatever!  I feel that this cannot be fixed until it breaks down completely.  I shall have to overcome my fear and anxiety.

Today, I wait on the edge of my chair, or in this case, lying in bed in my Ready Room waiting for the results of my car being repaired.  I believe today is the day it is supposed to be repaired.  When I reconnoitered the area this morning on my exercise protocol, my vehicle was parked in exactly the same position I had left it Saturday.  There was always hope that I could have moved up on the schedule yesterday.  Alas!  It was not to be.  And also on my schedule, when my vehicle returns to me, is a new microwave.  I looked online this morning and did not find anything I wanted.  If I had, I would have ordered it because it is free shipping.  So when my vehicle returns, I shall dress inappropriately and go to Walmart.  I noticed online a couple of units I would like to get.  I'm also contemplating buying a laptop at Best Buy.  They have a good deal but I would like to look around and see if there's something I would rather have.  Of course it is always nice to have free shipping.

I leave you now in the hopes that you have a good day.  My agenda is stricken due to a lack of no vehicle.  I do have my motorcycles but everything on my agenda would need a car.  Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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05/22/2017 05:36:53
Good morning on this Monday morning.  It is really good to return to reality.  A weekend of fantasy comes to a close and we face the morning.  My agenda is heavy this week comparatively speaking.  I usually set the bar quite low.  Let's go off the top.  I have to make a phone call and make certain the auto repair shop has found my car keys I put through their slot.  I was sort of hoping that they would be able to work on my car before tomorrow.  Hopes were high as when I dropped off my car on Saturday evening, there were not many cars in their parking lot.  When I was out for my jog this morning, there were quite a few cars there now.  People must have dropped their cars off last night.  I guess it does not matter as there is nothing mandatory on the horizon for today.  And of course I always have my motorcycle.  The second thing to be addressed is my cable company.  I'm expecting a representative at approximately 9:00 AM.  They have a stipulation that they're going to call approximately 45 minutes in advance to verify the appointment.  That means I have to answer the phone.  It also means that I am hopeful that my entire system does not go down again because then I will not have the phone to answer.  I assume their threat of not showing up is not real.  And of course there is the incident with my sensitive tooth.  There is some question on whether I'm going to call the dentist or wait.  I am hoping it is my imagination but I don't think so.  And then some onlooker on the street diagnosed my problem as needing a root canal.  Massive depression.  However, I also do not want to call the dentist before the return of my car so that I am certain I have it in case they tell me to come to the office immediately.  I have my motorcycles but there is in imminent threat of rain.  I'm not worried about riding in the rain, I just don't want to show up at the dentist's office soaking wet.  And my dentist is about the same distance from my house as I am to Italy.  I had something else for this week but at the moment it slips my mind.

I got up somewhat early this morning, approximately 2:30 AM and went out for my exercise protocol.  It was the first time in about a week that I was able to see the stars.  I was hopeful that the forecast for rain was fraudulent.  However, 70 minutes later it was entirely clouded up.  I am thinking that it was a good thing I got an early start.  Whatever!  The good news is that it is going to be warm.  It is supposed to get to be 70°in my backyard.

I'm leaving you now in the hope that you have a good day and start to this week.  For myself, I am hoping for a miracle that everything goes good and I don't have to pay for anything.  And of course, I'm going to have to have an emergency straightening of the house before the cable man comes.  I have things all over the house that I have to push out of the way so the cable man can come into my bedroom.  And then of course I always have to make up a story what I am doing with all of the canned goods and boxed foods I have. I just remembered. I have to solve the problem with the microwave. Woe is me!!!  Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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05/21/2017 07:03:48
Good morning and happy Sunday.  I think we are going to have more rain today, although not as continuous as in days past.  I was not even going to go for my exercise this morning.  I then finally managed to hoist myself out of bed at approximately 4:00 AM.  I decided if it was not raining, I would go for my jog.  It was not raining and therefore I entered the real world.  Before I left, I decided to throw out the water.  I was surprised on how warm it was outside.  It was 51°.  Considering the high for today is only supposed to be 52°, it was enjoyable.  The rain held off until I returned to my Fortress Of Solitude.  I feel better for going out for my exercise instead of being a wallflower.

I managed to get my automobile over to the repair shop last night after church.  I was surprised to find they have a slot in the door to be able to drop my car key off at the same time as the car.  Now hopefully I do not have to return to the auto repair until the repairs have been completed.  Since I am a former customer of this establishment, I would hope my presence is not required to sign a paper authorizing the repairs.  It doesn't matter.  I now do not have to concern myself with the appointment.  However, the same cannot be said for my tooth.  I now believe that it is not my imagination that there is something wrong with my tooth.  When I retrieve my car, I think I shall call the dentist and go through the formality of the dentist looking at my tooth.  Humbug.  Etc.  And finally, I have also faced the fact that there is something wrong with the microwave and it will not repair itself.  I shall have to go to the store and purchase a new microwave unless of course I find one on the Deal Of The Day.  Then they will ship it for free and I shall not have to go to the store.  Most microwaves are pretty much the same and it is not something that I have to test drive.  Of course I might want to go to Sears and complain that I did not get my money's worth.  I could always spin on the floor.  They never liked that but it does not always work when I'm trying to get my way.  Some businesses frown on this behavior.

I leave you now with such high hopes for a good Sunday.  I am drinking the good coffee today, and I also did it yesterday.  I feel it will bring me good fortune and maybe I will not have to go to the dentist, or purchase a microwave.  It is really good to get done with Pippa's wedding.  I did not make it because I forgot about the 6 hour time difference.  I was not alone in not going.  Charlie also did not go.  Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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05/20/2017 07:19:35
Good morning on this Saturday morning.  For some reason it seems like today is Sunday.  I think it must have something to do with the incapacity of my car and everything else that is happening in the world.  The weather is cold.  I go out for my exercise and the temperature is in the low forties.  Later in the day, things heat up to about 52°.  And it will be like this tomorrow also.  I'm expecting rain although I don't think it will be in the form of a storm.  My furnace becomes activated every so often.  I think Monday, it shall get back to a reasonable temperature, maybe 72°.  It was just a couple of days ago that it was in the eighties and I was complaining about too much heat this early in the year.  I was thinking about installing my air conditioner but I usually try to hold out until after Memorial Day, the end of May.  In either case, I complain about the weather for medicinal purposes.

It seems like I had insurmountable problems hitting me all at once.  Perhaps the word insurmountable is too strong of a word.  My car has a hole in the exhaust system.  I have to get that fixed Tuesday, and there is a rumor that these people will want to be paid.  Last night, my microwave began to function improperly.  It looks like it may be the end of the microwave.  Humbug!  I don't think I have owned it long enough to accept this kind of an ending.  What makes matters worse, I shall have to wait for my car to the fixed to purchase another microwave.  Even if I order one online and have it delivered, it shall not get here before Tuesday.  Anything I have that needs microwaving by directions, I shall not dare to attempt it for fear of failure.  And the third thing to strike tragedy into my life, I have a sensitive tooth that I fear is not my imagination.  It has been a problem for approximately two weeks and it has not gone away.  In the past these things have always proven to be my imagination, or at the very least, a problem in a sinus cavity.  Usually goes away within a week, and this has remained.  I fear I shall have to be carried out of my Fortress Of Solitude on a gurney.  I am almost tempted to contact the dentist as my next appointment is August.  And then I think it is only for a cleaning and the woman in charge of the cleaning I believe was in charge of torture in some Middle East country before becoming a dental technician.  Thus I would like to have the problem fixed before visiting her chair.

The movie was good yesterday, if you're into science fiction. ALIEN COVENANT.  It was based on a true story and so it made everything believable.  Have a good day.  I'm drinking the good coffee today with only one item on my agenda.  After that item, I hope to drop off my car in the parking lot of the car repair shop.  Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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I have found my new calling; clothing designer

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This dam is going to be demolished. As a kid, I used to go into an exterior tunnel in this dam.

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a man called Jack

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05/19/2017 06:29:23
Good morning on this Friday morning.  It is Movie Day.  I'm planning on going in approximately 3 hours, give or take 42 seconds.  They actually have a movie I wish to see.  There is enough showings of the movie so hopefully it shall not be crowded.  The first showing is at 9:20 AM.  Hopefully, most people will be scheduled for something else.  The weather is going to be rather cool today.  A high of 51°.  When I went out this morning for my exercise, it was about 40°.  A radical change over the last few days.  I managed to get my lawn mowed yesterday.  The neighbor woman was in her window taking notes.  She often charts the people of the neighborhood and their schedule.  Something went wrong with a frame on my lawn mower.  I actually had to break a piece of steel off of the lawn mower to complete the job.  In either case, I have that completed.

I am preparing myself to deliver my car to the repair shop.  They're going to fix it on Tuesday.  I want to get it over there before hand so I will not be under pressure to do it later.  I need the car for one thing on Saturday.  They're not open but I may just drive the vehicle to their parking lot and leave it.  I shall have to return on Monday morning to deliver the key.  I used to take my car to the dealership where I would drop by car off after hours, and I could drop the key off into a box in their building.  I miss the dealership.

I hope you have a good Friday.  And then if you complete having a good Friday, please move into the weekend and enjoy yourself.  Ciao for now and watch your wallet!  My status is the usual for this time of morning.

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This is what humans would look like if we could withstand car wrecks

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The Doctor and Data

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A mother and child sit amid rubble and brunt trees, four months after the bombing of Hiroshima, 1945

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American Penguins

05/18/2017 07:24:44
Good morning on this Trash Day.  I shall not participate in this today.  I usually only do recyclables, and that is only once every month or two.  The rain has really come to my backyard.  I think today will dry out but in the next couple of days, the rain shall return.  Some communities, not his writer's, have flood warnings.  Despite being on the Mississippi River, we have good marsh lands that help against flooding.  About once every 40 years or so, we may get a flood, but not to the point of destruction.

Disaster was on the menu yesterday for this writer.  I mounted a safari to the far grocery store and on the way home, a hole developed in my exhaust system.  Perspiration gathered on my forehead as I was worried about the system ripping off of my car.  That has happened in the past and that costs real money.  Besides that, it draws attention from the police force.  They take a dim view of a vehicle driving down the road with the exhaust system scraping on the ground.  I would imagine there is also a danger of fire considering the metal has a habit of sparking when dragging on the ground.  Most vehicles have a gas tank that could possibly be combustible.  Upon arriving at my Fortress Of Solitude, I unloaded the groceries and set off for the repair shop.  I have arranged an appointment for next Tuesday.  And I think I have made myself clear in the past that I hate appointments.  This cannot be helped.  If I did not need my car for one thing on Saturday, I would have abandoned my car at the repair shop.  That way I would not have an appointment.  I actually may upon completion of my task on Saturday, drive over to the repair shop and leave the vehicle in the parking lot.  I would of course have to return before Tuesday to give them the key.  I really miss the auto dealership that used to be in my area.  It was more expensive but I could get things done faster.  I also could drop off the car in the middle of the night and put the key in an envelope and drop it through the door.  Woe is me!

I was able to get out for my exercise protocol this morning, although it was somewhat late for this writer.  I got out about 4:00 AM.  The rain had stopped but the sky still look bad, as a matter of fact, it still looks bad.  I decided to play it by ear and go for my exercise, and if it rained, so be it.  After missing two days, I felt it was mandatory.  I plan on doing nothing the rest of the day except maybe going for a constitutional.  I certainly don't have to worry about watering the tomato plants.

See you later alligator.  Have a good day.  Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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05/17/2017 06:37:24
Good morning.  Happy HUMP DAY.  It has rained all night and once again I had to cancel my exercise protocol.  The rain has basically stopped at approximately 5:30 AM.  But my sources tell me we're going to have rain all day and into tonight.  Actually, they're predicting another storm today.  Yesterday I believe it got to the high 80's.  Very unusual for this time of year.  According to my weather forecast, things should start getting back to normal tomorrow as the temperatures will be mid fifties and into the sixties.  Considering I have not installed my window air conditioner as of yet, I like those temperature.  Starting late yesterday afternoon, I was having trouble with my Internet connection.  I also had trouble with my telephone not having service.  That is a problem because without the phone I cannot get in contact with my provider to report a problem.  I eventually got through and they told me they could see no problem in my area.  I then was forced to do some self diagnosis.  I came to the conclusion that because of the heat my router was overheating.  I eventually unplugged one of my routers overnight and so far, things seem to be working.  However, I don't know why I was having problems with my telephone.  It does not use the router.  Whatever!  If the problem continues, I shall need a serviceman and I hate that.

Yesterday, I installed my second tomato plant the neighbors gave me.  I now have two tomato plants.  I would like to have four more plants.  I suppose I shall have to purchase them unless I can somehow convince the neighbors I'm going through a crisis.  I am not certain they would be convinced that the problems I'm having with my Internet are a crisis.  I shall persevere and be brave.

My status is much the same as usual, except, I have several windows open.  The woman next door goes to work and so I should be safe from eavesdropping.  Have a good day.  I shall be inundated with rain.  Rain rain go away.  Come again some other day.  Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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05/16/2017 06:51:25
Good morning. What I have gone through overnight with the lightening and thunder, no one should go through that fear. Of course, I look at it this way: No matter what I am going through, there's a light at the end of the tunnel and it may seem hard to get to it but I can do it and I  just keep working towards it and I shall persevere. And now I see it. There's a light at the end of the tunnel. And it's a train. Daylight has arrived and I am still alive. Looking out the window, I see a trace of blue sky. I may make it after-all and this is good. I have received another tomato plant for the garden. Of course, my exercise had been cancelled to the lightening. Late start as I laid in bed until 5 am in fear. I know the end of the world is not going to come until 7.2 billion years, but one never knows if they are going on Australian time. 

As I am back to the window, again, after taking sustenance, I can see clearly now, the rain is gone, I can see all obstacles in my way. Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind. It's gonna be a bright sunny day, maybe. If recollection is good, high 80's. And I do not have the window air conditioner in. 

Have a good day. Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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05/15/2017 06:00:00
Good morning and welcome to a new week.  It is good to get the weekend over with and on with our real lives.  It was a hot weekend, in the eighties.  I think tonight we're going to get rain.  Last night, at about 10:00 PM, a big wind came through my neighborhood.  It felt good to get some cool air into my house.  This morning I open my window again.  I am signifying to my neighbors that I am now in summer mode.  When I was out for my exercise this morning, I came upon something blocking the sidewalk.  It looked like a vent pipe or something like that.  It obviously blew off someone's roof, I would think.  I shall have to go out and inspect my tomato plant when it gets daylight.

Not too much on my agenda for today.  Either today or tomorrow I shall have to organize a safari to the grocery store.  I really don't need anything but I want to buy another loaf of Jewish Rye Bread, with the caraway seeds, while it is on sale.  And of course it is always good to listen to people's conversation.  I think I shall also move around outside and get some minor things done.  Nothing that I plan on doing, just doing it for the sake of the neighbors.  I have a lot of neighbors that are charting my life.  If I recall the weather, I believe tomorrow is going to be 87°and of course I have no air conditioner in my window as of yet.  I'm still pondering putting central air in when/if I put a new furnace in.  I'm sort of wavering on that also.  If I have the window open, I cannot die of carbon monoxide, at least I think I can't.

I leave you now to your agenda for Monday.  My status is much the same as every day at 6:00 AM.  Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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he is 100 years old

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Michael, Dylan and Kirk Douglas at Dylan's bar mitzvah, May 2014

05/14/2017 05:49:20

Happy Sunday, for those who believe in the calendar.

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