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74 years old
Lincolnton, North Carolina
United States
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I love the old John Wayne movie's. And a good action movie with out dirty words, which are hard to fine. Don;t think they can make much with out dirty words in it. And good comedy movie, which also they can;t seem to make any more ether.
john wayne photo: John Wayne john.jpg

I love the oldies and some country.
I loved Ricky Nelson song, didn't care for the Beatle's. Seen Elvis in person, loves some of his songs. Love music you can understand the words, like the oldies.
Ricky  Nelson Pictures, Images and Photos

use to have a few till the old hands decide they didn't want to work well with out hurting. So bigest hobbie is watching my Grand children do Sports.

Hi Everyone, Please read my Bulletin. 10-20-16
Thank You.
Please hold comment to once a week. Please
Love & Hugs, Jane

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11/14/2018 15:09:59

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Wherever You Go, Whatever You do, May Your Guardian Angel Watch Over You! Peace & Prayers. "Chatty" Patty Ann

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11/12/2018 17:26:08

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The withering away of the Darkness and the Rising of the Sun Signifies the Most important aspect of life, despair giving way for Hope. I hope You had a good day. Have a Nice Evening & Always keep HOPE in Your Heart. Smiles & Prayers. "Chatty" Patty Ann

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11/10/2018 14:13:58

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May the Goodness of God's Grace Touch and Bless You in a Special Way this Weekend. Love, Peace & Many Prayers. "Chatty" Patty Ann

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11/09/2018 17:05:04

Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all other seasons.

11/09/2018 10:33:45

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Every Ending has a New Beginning, Through the Grace of God, We can always start again. "End Your Week Thankful" Love, Peace & Prayers. "Chatty" Patty Ann

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11/08/2018 16:34:44

11/07/2018 21:49:54

Come little leaves 

said the wind one day.  Come down to the meadow

and we shall play. 

Put on your dresses of red and gold,

For summer is past and the days grow cold.

Dancing and leaping the leaves went along

until the winter called them to end their sweet song. 

Soon fast asleep in theie earthly Beds

The snow lay a cover over their heads.

11/07/2018 10:27:32

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Friends are Precious gifts that Make life better. When I Count My Blessings, I Count "YOU" twice. "Thank You" Smiles, A Hug & Prayers! "Chatty" Patty Ann

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