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55 years old
higginsville, Missouri
United States
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horror, the devils rejests, saw, shaw shank redemption,rivers edge halloweens, friday the 13th,the hang over, series, sons of anarchy

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rob zombie, metallica,ozzy,disturbed,alice cooper,alice in chains, audio slave,megadeath,
acdc, god smack,smashin pumpkins,stevie nicks,

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true crime

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iam 48 years old & divorced . iam very easy going very laid back man . love to meet new people & try new things. looking for good friendships & maybe that one women to be apart of my life oneday. iam a firm believer in true friends & loyalty, i am looking for that one women that will love me & be there for me

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sweet , honest beautiful women to keep me company
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 photo smiley_champagne-1.gifThirsty!! photo _blowkiss____Revamp_2_by_koffeeben.gif

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It's going to be a Besame Week photo hula_hoop_by_k0tic_dm0n.gifwith Valentines and Spring on the way photo hugkiss.gif.I made so much Catilina photo horny_revamp_by_meninasuitcase.gif( the only Adriana doppleganger I accept lol) I have to break it down in days. photo aiko_scratch_by_blackroseshadow-d2yq3jt.gifI  ran out of time tonight but I have plenty to send photo mail_4_you_emote_by_mirz123-d38ugjf.giffor me and D before VD gets here photo 10-1.giflol Caturday Kisses!! photo frostymorningbliss.gif photo 151096200214653.gif

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