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Just beginning a new chapter in my life

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67 years old
Oakham, Massachusetts
United States
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Just about any type I go to be entertained I do not need the movie to be a blockbuster just entertaining.

Sort of stuck on the oldies 60s mainly. Bob Dylan, Arlo Guthrie and others

I enjoy Tom Clancy and Stephen King the most but I also like other science fiction or action books. I also like to read up on contemporary books about the Islamic religon, I believe we need to know our enemies as well as possible.

Boating, fishing, Backpacking, motorcycling.

I am in Law Enforcement and have been for over 22 years. I am a former Marine and Viet-Nam Veteran. I enjoy helping others. I am currently going through a divorce. It is a sad time but we are doing it as amicably as possible. I am beginning a whole new chapter in my life and at this time I really do not know where it will lead. I love women and welcome the companionship but do not want to committ myself to any single person at this time. I want to meet other woman, not play the field so to speak. I prefer to date one woman at a time and get to know them. I want honesty in any relationship I develop, without that the relationship is useless. I just want to focus on the positive and get on with my life and make new friends. I love to get out on the trails and backpack sometimes for at least a week at a time. I usually do it as alone time but would really enjoy a female companion who shared the same passion for the trails as I do.

Happy people with positive attitudes.Women who are mature and honest and good conversationalists.
Long rides in the country on my Yamaha with one of the above women on the back or on their own bike riding with me.
Coldstone Creamery Ice cream.

Heavy smokers, heavy drinkers, obnoxious people who cannot refrain from negative comments about others.

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