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05/21/2018 21:22:09

Evening  the  weather  was  nice today  70's

tomorrow  going  to  be  warmer,  i  must  say  about  time. but  with  rain showers

I hope  your  day  was  fantastic.,  and  have  a great  night

No  baseball  tonight.  make  it boring  for  me, i love  my  baseball.

05/21/2018 10:32:23

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05/21/2018 08:42:25

People change, things go wrong. 

But just remember, life goes on.

~ Unknown ~

05/20/2018 20:06:33

Evening  my  friend,  well  red sox  won  again  makes  me  happy

now  our weathers  been  raining  all  weekend,  hope yours  was  better,  and  the weekend  coming  to and  end ,  and Monday  starts  a  new  week, but  we  have  the  new weekend  to look forward  to  it's  a  long  holiday weekend.  So enjoy  your  evening hugs

05/20/2018 11:14:08

Image result for good morning SUNDAY funny quotes

Image result for good morning SUNDAY funny quotes

05/19/2018 19:41:18

Evening,  rainy  saturday,  went  to lunch with a  girlfriend  had  pizza,

Red Sox  are  playing  in  the  rain

hope you had  a better  saturday  than  me.,  getting  tired of the rain,  but  they  say  rain  tomorrow again  .  have  a good night  my  friend

going  up stairs  early  just  to get  warm

05/18/2018 20:15:37

Evening  my  friend.,  chilly  day  in  Medford

my son  going  away  for  the  weekend  , so  i'll be  alone  if  anyone  wants  to  visit me.,

hope  you have  a great  night  and  a  perfect  weekend full  of  fun., it  will be  raining  here of course  since i got  my hair  done.

05/18/2018 10:34:03

People may doubt what you say...

but they will always believe what you do...

~ Unknown ~

05/17/2018 19:32:38

Evening  was  a  cool  day  weather  wise

hope your  day  was  great.  i  just  went  for  coffee  and  a  couple  of  stores

bought  some  garden  decorations.

hope you have  a  wonderful  night

watching  the  red sox game.

been  checking  all the  contest  pages  so  many  great  ones.

05/17/2018 11:31:42

Do what you can, with what you have, 

where you are.

~ Theodore Roosevelt ~

05/16/2018 18:51:08

Evening  was  a  lazy  day  for  me  did  nothing

am  watching  the  red sox  now. weather  been  cool and  expecting  rain  again. hope  your  day was fantastic and in   only  2  day it  the  weekend.. and  its  party  time.

have a great  night.

05/16/2018 09:25:57

Use your smile to change the world; 

don't let the world change your smile.

~ Anonymous ~

05/15/2018 19:49:34

Been  a  storm  night,  rain  delay on  the  game

i worked today and  it  was  awful  driving  home  in  that  storm.

hope  you  had  a great  day and  a  wonderful  tomorrow

05/15/2018 11:38:42

"Some people dream of success...

others stay awake to achieve it."

~ Unknown ~

05/14/2018 14:51:30


05/14/2018 09:08:30

Believe more in what you see 

and what you feel rather than what they say.

~ Wilson Kanadi ~

05/13/2018 21:02:12

Evening hope  all the  Mom's  &  Dad mom's  had  a great  day  today, and  enjoy  your  evening

My day  was  ok, i cooked and cleaned  up lol

05/13/2018 10:45:29

05/12/2018 20:22:31

05/12/2018 19:55:17


05/11/2018 19:32:25

Evening,  very cool  day  here  50's  and  expecting  rain  tonight  and  tomorrow

of  course  got my  hair  done  it  has  to  rain., hope you had  a  great  friday  and  you  are  ready  for  the  weekend enjoy.

05/11/2018 13:18:44

Have you ever noticed the most sadest person has 

the most beautiful smile?

~ Unknown ~

05/10/2018 19:52:19

Evening  my friend.,  was  cool day  here  with  light  rain, but now  were having  heavy  rain

bought  some  more  plants  for  my  son  to plant  this sunday.. tomorrow Friday  and  the  weekend  begins  yeah. my  hairdresser  closed  her shop after 31 years  and  now  works for  someone  else.,  so i have  to  go there and price are double,  not  sure i'll be  going  every week  now.  well  I  hope  you have a  wonderful night. See you  tomorrow.


05/10/2018 12:24:51

Don't date the most beautiful girl in the world, 

date the girl who makes your world the most beautiful.

~ Unknown ~

05/09/2018 20:49:42

Evening, hope  you had  a  great  day

me  i   went shopping and  coffee.,  that  was  all my  shoulder would  allow,  must  say  feeling  a  little  better  since  the  cortisone shot., weather  has been in  the 60's but  the  nights  go  down  to  40 or less.,

hope your  having  a  great  night,  see  you  in  the  morning.  hugs  June

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