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Whoo hoo! The best part of life I am told.

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Femme' Fatale, Taking Lives, Eat, Drink, Man, Woman, Fred Astair, and Fantasy like LOTR, Star Wars and H Potter for an example. Forign like Vertical Rays of the Sun...just some examples

Saphire Women, Blues, jazz, rock, goth, show tunes, ok...what I am not fond of is shorter, lol. Not real into Country, and hip hop or rap. It's not that I dispise it all, just not real into it.

Oh sweet Goddess...so many...depends on when and where. I like Russian authors, Fantasy, satirical, classic, well not Stienbeck or Moby Dick for example. Woolf, so many

Gardening, decorating my home, doing art, cooking, studying things that interest me, food, herbs, people, movies, arts, flowers...

I am a 50 year old woman who has come to know herself very well thru many trials and joys. I am a creator and I enjoy my growing family. I enjoy watching and being with my friends. I love to cook, garden read, watch movies. I enjoy sharing artistic and spiritual growth and I enjoy all the many miricales and magick moments in life. I love to experience other cultures and meditations. And welcoming blessings in my life. I am a bit resistant to any romantic relationships or even friendships with benefits because of residue issues I need to allow to heal. And I have no wish to marry or live with a partner again. It would take exceptional circumpstances and person to show me it was safe to change that view. I am about people not thier labels and I believe we fall in love with souls and not necessarily a gender. Blessings all.

Intelligent conversation. Gardening, creating art and enjoying friends. Sharing metaphysical inspiration and discussions. Sharing favorite things.People who follow thier dreams and passions, add light to the world and along the way, turn back to us and say, hey come on, YOU CAN DO IT! YOU MATTER! Magick in the real sense.Watching my kids, grandkids and loved ones evolve and grow into thier own. Passion and really being into the moment. Intimicy, and even erotic play when everyone is in the moment.

Cruelty, conditional love that refuses to open to being unconditional. Judgement, selfishness. Closed people who think theirs is the only way. Politics, too disallusioned. Stupidity. Powerful People who just want to protect thier staus quo and screw everyone else.

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