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71 years old
Gadsden, Tennessee
United States
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Wuthering Heights, Splendor in the Grass, On Borrowed Time, Ghost, The Ghost and Mrs Muir, City of Angels

I can't stand Hip-Hop and Rap. I do like the oldie moldies as my kids call them. I also like Country.

I used to read alot, but now I prefer the internet. When I did read I loved horror stories; mostly Stephen King. He started writing wierd stories instead of what I call horror stories. I didn't like his writing anymore. That was about the time I stopped reading.

I like to go to yard and garage sales. I am dabbling in arrowhead hunting with my grandson. I like camping and fishing. I sell on Ebay. I play games on pogo.com. I also like trying to grow outside flowers and plants.

I am a people person. I consider myself kind and giving. If you become my friend, you are a friend for life. If I don't like you; well you would know it. In my life I have only met 2 people I did not even like looking at. I believe that is part of my Scorpio nature. I have not dated since my husband died as it would not be fair to another man because my heart left with my husbands soul.

Kindness, honesty, able to hold an adult conversation, ability to laugh, thoughtfullness, and good personal hygiene. Smiles are wonderful!

Bad breath, poor hygiene, people who do not keep their word, gossipers, people who do not show respect for others.

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