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All who Wander, are not Lost....

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71 years old
Gainesville, Missouri
United States
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Made in Heaven... Like Water For Chocolate..Harry Potter series, Star War series, Stargate. Old Movies.. ( Phildelphia Story,etc) Groundhogs Day.Phenomenon. Contact. Red October, The Shawank Redemtion, The Last Starfighter.Performance. O'Lucky Man. So many more I can't remember.....

Sting,Chris Izack.David Bowie, Santanna. KD Lang.Loreenda Mc Kendditt. Van Morrison. Frank Sinatra.Tony Bennet.Traveling Wilburys.Secret Garden.The Chieftains. Steve Miller Blues Band. Crosby Stills Nash & Young. Eagles.Doors.Black Eyed Peas. Velvet Undergound(Lou REED)Beatles. Stones. Led Zeplin.Movie Musicals, West Side Story,South Pacfic, etc. almost anything by John Williams. again so much more.

Love Robert Heinlein & Tom Robbins. Like; Dianne Cannon. MSI. Tony Hillerman. Ray Bradbury... Books on acient or pre-history, reigions or philosplys..Book on how to for herbs or any fauna...Was a book worm till I was 16 oh so long ago...Always channing.

I have just retired... so?? I collect Rocks.. from creek stones to Lapis or Turquoise Like to watch the skys... Love to travel, read, some TV. the Net (not great at this page thing)... Pow Wow's garage sales, fairs, Would like to learn to knit. I like to fish, but not clean them... love to cook...

I am 56 years old.. and as a child I always thought that I was a prototype for a new human...Now if that hasn;t scared you off we can talk. I have spent the last couple of years being a hermit, but I was born and spent 37 years in paradise. the very south western portion of Calif...The beach area above and around San Diego...I have always done what was fun for a living and enjoyed making good money at it...Antique clothing Company. Catering Company. Fashion Coordinatior. and for most of the past 18 years that I have been here, ( came here to raise my daughter) created and ran and was part owner of a beautiful Jewlery Gallery ( Earth Stones) in Branson Mo. and Eureka Springs ARk... We cut and made most of it right here... Along with Navajo Artist.
I raised a beautiful daughter and she now has 2 beautiful children who live close to me... That and the price of gas has kept my from becoming a gyspy...( it must be a past life thing).. I am looking to start a life...emepty nester... I have seen UFO's quite a few times...actual Disks up close once, so to be my friend, you have to be OK with life elsewhere.... I have retained much of my Childs Heart... and still do not undertand violence or addiction. But have friends who do, so have learned to live around it....Some call me a Wanderer or a Walk-In, but titles mean nothing to me....The journey is the thing....

I search the world for a honest human...
Being open and honest, why bother with any thing else. A Child's Heart. Learning/teaching. Water.Desert. Rocks. Stars. Nature. Being here Now.( anywhere)My children and Granchildren Good Natured beings.As for the oppisite sex,I always did go for a Spirtual man....friends
Travel.Things that go bump in the light.
Free Will,
Free thinking...
Free we the people....
Alternative Energys. And Good though thinkers.

Fake, pushy or desperate people... We're all Ok. lies..Controle freaks. People who are afraid of much or are too hard on themselfs. ...box thinkers
What our goverment has become.

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