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The Curious Packrat counters challenges with creativity and perseverence!

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An Inconvenient Truth; The Illusionist; Galaxy Quest; The Mask; Princess Bride; Costner's Robin Hood; LOTR; the Star Trek & the Star Wars movies; Antonio Banderas as Zorro; the Pirates of the Carribbean movies; the Harry Potter movies; Lonesome Dove; M.A.S.H.; The Quiet Man; John Wayne movies; most Disney children's movies, esp. the old classics; and I'm sure I'm forgetting bunches more!

Celtic, esp. pennywhistle & flute & fiddle; music played on an African stringed instrument called a Kora; percussion, esp. hand drums; Mid-Eastern Tribal Dancing; Latin American/Caribbean; some New Age, esp. Native American flute; some jazz; almost any Classical; Show Tunes; "Oldies"; some country; Gershwin; Folk Music & Hootenanny; Bluegrass; Dixieland; Swing & Big Band; Barbershop Quartet; almost any kind of music really!

I gravitate to Sci-Fi & Fantasy-Adventure; and Nonfiction Science written toward the layperson; metaphysics; quilting & craft books. Favorite authors include Tolkien, Anne McCaffrey, Isaac Asimov, and too many to even remember right now!

Arts & crafts--all kinds; languages, esp. Spanish, learning Japanese & a bit of Russian & Gaelic; music, esp. pennywhistles, hand drums/percussion, plucked psaltery, and keyboard; writing--dabbling in limericks, song lyrics, RP posts, fiction & nonfiction; digital photography & learning editing software such as Photoshop; computer games, esp. WoW, Napping Cat's Dream, Mah Jongg, Sudoku; hoping to begin gardening again; Tai Chi, meditation, & metaphysics; walking; reading; watching science & space documentaries & movies.

to fill in soon....

My family; friendly folks to share good times with; music of all kinds, especially Irish, Latin, and percussion; Nature and the wonders and magick of Life all around me; a good book; taking a hike on a nature trail with my camera; the ocean, the mountains, the sky, a campfire or fireplace; creating with words, music, and crafts; all birds and animals, especially cats, raccoons, and dragons; learning anything and everything!

Corruption in politics and thoughtless greed in big business; War; Intolerance; spam (esp. porn) and telemarketers calling at all hours all week; refusing to take responsibility for choices made and actions taken; giving up without having tried.

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