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Huntsville, Alabama
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01/16/2022 17:00:12

01/16/2022 16:57:24

Evening  hope your having a wonderful Sunday..  didn't do much today., but cook  made Italian gravy  baked chocolate cupcakes.   so feeling tired  think am  going upstairs  early. plus its  7 degrees  expecting snow tonight.

have a great  night.,  hugs  june

01/15/2022 20:24:57

Evening  it's so cold here 9 degrees plus in the minus wind chilly ..  went for ice tea today  and the bank. hope your day was better., 

see you in the morning

hugs June

01/14/2022 18:19:07

Evening.  were having  sub zero  weather  tomorrow will be worse.

hope your having a warmer day..  just went for ice tea today bought a sandwich for supper.

to lazy  to cook.  have a good night

01/13/2022 19:36:27

Evening.,  went to lunch with my girlfriend. the waitress said what we owed,  i said can i see the bill., good thing  she charge 8.00 more said we had salad  and we didn't/  she goes oh am sorry.,  my foot  so i deducted the 8.00

then went for ice tea.,  tonight had a VFW  meeting.,  so am home now.

weather was in 40  today.,  but stormy tomorrow  and saturday  there saying  deep freeze  please someone send  spring time.

hope you had a great day.. see you in the morning.

hugs  June

01/12/2022 16:55:58

Evening  my friend the day wasn't so bad  hit 30  today

but they did say  freezing weather will be back oh well i just keep telling my self  it's New England.,  went for ice teas  with the girls..  hope you had a good day.

Hugs  June

01/11/2022 18:11:41

Evening.,  been so cold here ., below zero weather.  schools closed

but tomorrow a heat wave going to be in the 30's., just went for ice tea  and errand today. see you tomorrow.

hope your having a good day

01/10/2022 21:02:27

Evening  my friends.,  so cold here  in the teens.,  tomorrow they say  minus  with a wind chill below zero.,   hope your day better.  finally got a gas bill  over 400  and i only have the heat on 66..  but my son has his on 75.. i pay the bill,

oh well  have a great night  see you in the morning.

hugs June

goodnight hugs for you

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