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Let all that you do be done in LOVE

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11/28/2021 23:49:53

like the loveliest ruby rose

or blazing amber of autumn leaves

a sunny topaz reflecting light beams

an emerald among healthy blades of grass

rushing across lively sapphire ocean waves

whispers of amethyst amongst hanging wisteria

these are majestic colors across the world

so wonderous and harmonious..Love & Hugs~Richard

11/26/2021 23:47:53

in the morning,

i paint your sunlit face

with shadows,


what the strokes look like

behind those closed eyes.

what is it you're dreaming?

the sweet autumn light

fills the room,

graciously gifted to us

by clouds

as carefree as my hands


in the space between

thrill and delight.

i hold on to that light

so i, in turn,

can gift it to you

with my hands, beaming..Love & Hugs~Richard

11/23/2021 13:13:13

peering into another uneventful evening, the soft sunbeam falling gracefully within my field of vision; balming the paleness of my soul,
nyctinastic plants ready to tuck themselves in for bedtime,
I’m grooving with all my senses, letting selection occur naturally,
my heart slowly immersed into bucolic state,
a ting of euphoric kissed my eardrum gently - in a perfect sync with the whole of nature,
for a moment existing is full of meaning,
but I shan’t cling nor dwell on it; to let it be, I let it go,
for each moment renews itself; for the purpose is concealed upon revealed,
how can I compare the content when the context is ever changing, only metaphorically,
O cosmic mystery, let’s flow placidly, this eternal stream - I’m dreaming reality..Love & Hugs~Richard

11/16/2021 23:50:05

unfettered lies

liaisons of beings

fear of the truth

my crystal tears

maiden in white

tufts of dandelions

no fury, no agony

close your eyes

symphony of purity

kaleidoscope of peace

breeze embalming the body

sweet, sweet dreams..Love & Hugs~Richard

11/14/2021 17:39:21

Your smile, a sea of beauty pouring down like rain

and I stood there drowning in it,

seeing you able to have this at a time when you really needed it.

You really were long overdo for a miracle,

but you in the snow was mine.

I believe you're an angel in the rough;

I trust you to always do the right thing at the right time—you always have— just like how you smiled the perfect smile on a perfect day for a miracle..Love & Hugs~Richard

11/13/2021 17:32:47

i notice that all warm colors

truly embody warmth to the eyes

like true sources to the category

for they truly light up the area

or produce the remaining embers 

that give us comfort in the dark

it's as though a tiny bit of sunlight

was splashed across these hues

filling them with delightful pulses

of energy that the eyes eat up

blissfully or intoxicatedly ..Love & Hugs~Richard

Red Flower 13/11/2021

11/01/2021 08:31:46

10/31/2021 12:15:49



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