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"Into this night I wander, so many times betrayed, searching for an honest word to find the truth enslaved"

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68 years old
Warren County, New Jersey
United States
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Film Noir, Chic Flicks, anything heavy on plot(the more intricate, the better) and light on special effects. 40's B&W Classics.

The sound of one hand clapping, anything you can car-dance to (you do it, don't deny it. I've seen you in traffic on the Garden State Parkway), anything that isn't just discordant noise. Like any "Jersey Girl" worthy of the name; Sinatra, Springsteen, Debby Harry, and Bon Jovi! I'm a lyrics girl, so anything with a message appeals to me. NICKELBACK!!!

Way too many to list here...Thanks to all those 75 cent specials on www.Half.com my collection continues to grow.

Anarchy, tending to my 130+ house plants, reading, internet shopping, laughing at my cat, refinishing furniture, making the perfect spaghetti sauce, baking, Practicing my Craft, reading Tarot Cards...

Basically anything hilarous posted by no-one famous on YouTube. Most music videos confuse me because they usually have nothing to do with the song lyrics.

To dance "skyclad" under the Full Moon at Newgrange, Ireland...to visit my father's ancestrial home; Caltageroni, Sicily, Italy...to wander the lavender fields of Provence...to meet a nice man who isn't threatened by how smart I am...to finally write that novel...to outlive all my enemies...

It is going to take some time for me to build my Fortress of Words...

Let me get the whole friends request thing out of the way; It will save us both some time.

Please have a fully filled out profile so I know a bit about you first. PLEASE read my page before you send a request! I've changed my avatar to a graphic rather than a photo of me. I was getting way too many requests from horny old goats who hadn't bothered to read my page. I'm not interested in superficial friendships based on looks alone. There is SO MUCH more to me than a pretty face. If your page is private and you send a request, I will not add you.
I smoke cigarettes, and I'm a Goddess worshipping Celtic Pagan witch. If this is off-putting to you, please just pass me by without any lectures, or attempts to "save my Soul".
Ditto if your page is full of FUBAR graphics and/or your friends list consists of nothing but scantily clad young women in suggestive poses. I will not dumb down or sex it up just to be your friend. If that is what you seek, please look elsewhere.
I'm not a number to be collected. If you have more than 200 friends, I will most likely not want to be amoung them.
I'm not really interested in making male friends, particularly the married kind...sorry, it's a trust issue.

Now about Comments;
I'm using a friend's computer and am only online in the morning. He has requested that I not send comments. I LOVE all the beautiful ones I receive. They brighten my day. I just wish I could return them. :(

I'm happily divorced - my ex died, so I guess I could call myself a widowed ex-wife. I have 3 grown children and one grandchild. I'm independently poor and live alone. I like it that way and am not interested in changing my situation. I'm a MySpace refugee...looking for friends who also left due to the awful changes in format there. I'm an Empath and an Indigo Child. I'm very straight-forward, open and honest. I tend to call it as I see it, and will get in your face if provoked. I'm a French, Irish, Italian red-head so I guess it comes naturally.
I have a very wry, quirky, ironic and irreverant sense of humor. I'm an individual, not a "sheeple". I've had a hard life, but it's made me strong and courageous. My Spiritual beliefs keep my head in the clouds and my feet on the ground. I believe in Karma and have been fortunate enough to see it work many times. I believe sometimes the only revenge you ever get is to outlive your enemies. I don't believe it's always possible, or required to forgive. Some things are unforgivable, and beyond my Power. They need absolution that only the God and Goddess can grant. I believe in Summerland, but am not so sure about reincarnation. I try to follow the "Harm None Rule", but I'm only a flawed human and it isn't always possible. Pagan Practice is ancient, and the Rule was written in 1923, so it is a relatively new concept, albiet a good one.
Yes, my photos really are me, and yes, I really am 56. No, I haven't had any cosmetic surgery. I've just been Blessed with good strong peasant genes, oh, and of course there IS that portrait in the attic.....
Speaking of photos, I'm a graphics addict. If you see something you like, feel free to grab it. I'm happy to share...

Health Issues; you don't get to be our age without at least one or two. I have Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Diabetes, and Bi-Polar Disorder/Type II, plus the entire alphabet of anxiety disorders. That's enough I think.

CHOCOLATE!!! pink roses, candles, good quality linens, really strong coffee, fragrant liquid hand soap, having the winning bid on eBay, Shabby Chic anything, big clumsy dogs, burly men with neatly trimmed beards, the ocean, the mountains, the forest, Siamese cats, Portland, Oregon(one of the nicest cities in the US), herb gardening, greenhouses, antique shops, thrift stores and flea markets, volcanos - Rock On Pele!, slow dancing to smoky jazz, sitting in bed first thing in the morning with the windows open just listening to the birds sing, all those little "aha" moments we have along the way through life, open minds and open hearts, those who understand that we don't make mistakes, we learn lessons, those who possess a highly evolved social conscience, anyone who will stand their ground and not back down...

People here who send requests without reading my entire page, Poor personal hygiene, argumentative people, stink bugs, prejudice of any kind, crudeness, FUBAR, porn, guns, NASCAR(sorry), just about all sports except ice hockey, most Conservatives, TV, my loud neighbors, raised voices and slamming doors, attention seeking drama queens and all the trouble they cause...I can spot you in under 3 seconds a mile off, so stay away from my page. I don't like sarcasm, to me it's just thinly disguised verbal abuse.

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