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Looking for that special lady

mem_normal2 OFFLINE
78 years old
Orlando, Florida
United States
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I have varied interests - played professional golf for 10 years - studied theology and business - presently self-employed as a property claims adjuster and mold inspector. I have 5 adult boys with the last two in college - but have no family in the area. Divorced for over 3 years (and no the divorce was not because of another women) and we still have a good relationship. Looking for a lady that will allow (not afraid) me to give her all she will need to feel romantic, safe and loved. Please write if you are looking for a guy that will drive out of this way just to put a love note on your windshield.

No more talk of darkness, Forget these
wide-eyed fears. I'm here, nothing can harm you -
my words will warm and calm you.

Let me be your freedom, let daylight
dry -your tears. I'm here,
with you, beside you, to guard you
and to guide you . . .

Say you love me every
waking moment, turn my head
with talk of summertime . . .

Say you need me with you,
now and always . . . promise me that all
you say is true - that's all I ask of you . . .

Let me be your shelter, let me be your light.

No-one will find you your fears are
far behind you . . .

All I want is freedom, a world with
no more night . . .
and you always beside me
to hold me and to hide me . . .

Then say you'll share with
me one love, one lifetime . . .
Let me lead you from your solitude . . .

Say you need me with you here, beside you . . .
anywhere you go, let me go too -
that's all I ask of you . . .

Say you'll share with me one
love, one lifetime . . .
say the word and I will follow you . . .

Share each day with
me, each night, each morning . . .

From The Phantom of the Opera

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