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I'm CURED of MS!!!

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As Good As IT Gets, A Star Is Born, Paper Moon, Moon Struck, TWINS,50 First Dates,Airplane, Harold & Maude

Kris Kristofferson, Barbera Stri',Johnny Cash, Johnny Mathis, Eagels, Dolly Pardon, Beatles, Elvis,

Sci~Fi, (Safespace), Poetry (Beacon & Imperfections), Novels (Mine LOL), The Bible (One of God's), The 12th Planet (Earth Chronnical Series ~ bt Zachoria Stichen)

Writing, Poetry, music (Listening to the lyrics) & Dancing with an affectionate female :)

You might be interested in a e~mail reply I just sent to a person with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) who asked me how I was recently cured? I was also cured of having to worry about money...LOL

Hey "Curious Cathy,"

I doubt that most will want to believe the "How" circumstances involving my cure...LOL... They don't even ask. You did, and God will reward you too :)

Probably, it is best to suggest that you visit my website http://MilesBooks.com to get a full explanation. Yet, after being reluctantly forced to retire by MS ~ 5 years ago ~ and trying everything in the world (including LDN) to turn it around, I continued to become more disabled, spent the last 8 months confined to my wheelchair, and had everything BUT given up... Read my last two "Rascal's blog" entries for what's happened in the last couple of weeks ~ leading up to my being cured. I feel that you will understand, Cathy, what most "Earth~bound souls" can never begin to accept.

God is still in the deliverance business...LOL. He told me ~ this week ~ that I am cured ~ and I am ! Yesterday, my 16~yr~old~daughter and I went shopping for computer accessories with which to launch the cyber~space deliverance mission that The Lord has called me too. I Walked ~ using my cane ~ into Radio Shack, spent a good 45 minutes on my feet, then walked to the store next door ~ to spend another hour shopping for other things...LOL... Even my daughter was amazed! She is now an Earth~Angel...LOL

Read my new "Earth~Angel" section and about 'A Rainbow Reminder' for more answers, Cathy. I suspect that you may be an Earth~Angel also :) After all, you ARE the only MSer who has even asked. Perhaps, the very reason that The Lord has told me to stay in the LDN MS group? I hope that you do not mind that I am sending this explanation to a few others ~ that haven't asked ~ yet I feel that they would like to know. In fact, I've just been told to use this e-mail (without your addie) in a new ezine article to shout "I Am Cured" to the world. It will take a few days before it is published, is reviewed & comments posted by my "1st Team" readers, but if you like, you can be an evaluator too. Let me know, O.K.?

I think, I'll walk over and make another mocha...LOL... I'm back! I even stopped by the restroom to do what ~ for about a year and a half ~ I had to do sitting down...LOL

You can IM me via Skype (milesbooks) or Yahoo (milesruss2002).I look forward to chatting with you,"Curious Cathy" :) LOL

As for future e-mails, please change my addie to Rascal.Miles@gmail.com



People, Life, Spirituality, Ladies who know HOW TOO love, snorkeling in warm oceans, helping others to find health, wealth, and meaningful understanding. Laughing!

bitterness, anger, self~pitty, over protectiveness, selfishness, people that don't love me as much as I do...LOL:)

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“Birthdays are a new start, 

a fresh beginning and a time to pursue 

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Move forward with confidence and courage. 

You are a very special person. 

May today and all of your days be amazing!”

Happy Birthday!!

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