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Hiyah, kids

mem_normal2 OFFLINE
65 years old
yonkers, New York
United States
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Arcade Champion: LWMcDonald
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Caine Mutiny, North by Northwest, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Pillow Talk, Please Don't Eat the Daisies, It Started in Naples, Three Coins in the Fountain, Summertime, How to Marry a Millionaire, Bell, Book and Candle, White Christmas, Seven Year Itch, The Best Years of Our Lives, Mrs. Miniver, An Affair to Remember, Sabrina (both), The Little Foxes, DOA, On the Waterfront, Rear Window, The Postman Always Rings Twice, Woody Allen films (not all), Marx Brothers films, Little Buddha, Fellini films, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Manchurian Candidate (both), Most 50s and 60s Science Fiction films -- Star Trek films (not first one so much), Ocean's 11 and 13, The DaVinci Code and many,many many more.

Just about everything, from Mozart to Motown to Mountain, EXCEPT hip-hop music.

Too many to even think about listing......

Studying languages, traveling, learning to play the piano!


Haven't thought about the "bucket" yet.....

Lots of schooling, but I am not an elitist. I am on the quiet side but I do love to laugh-- My sense of humor: Loved Monty Python, Faulty Towers and SNL (80s),

In the process of divorcing and fixing up a new place.

The expression "Turn On" always annoyed me. However, here's what I value:

Honesty, kindness, empathy, flexibility but strength of conviction, curiosity, open mindedness.

I really, REALLY like a well-mannered person.

Bathroom humor, liars, hypocrites and identity politics.

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01/22/2020 12:03:43

One more year, but not complaining, 

is a privilege denied to many.

So feel lucky to continue celebrating 

another year and enjoy your life.

01/22/2020 09:43:16

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 <center><img src="https://extraimage.net/images/2020/01/22/555ae9690141dcb1270a0f9989d37eca.jpg" alt="555ae9690141dcb1270a0f9989d37eca.jpg" border="0">

01/21/2020 19:18:59


Hope you have a very happy birthday

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