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Pucker Up Buttercup!

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61 years old
Beaverton, Oregon
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Everyone always ends up calling me "Sunshine", guess it's my upbeat disposition. I am positive and love to have fun.

My friends and family would call me thoughtful, reliable, honest, giving, fun to be with and sometimes a dork. I would say that I am all those things, and much more.

I am a born nurturer; love to take care of people! Especially that special man in my life. I like to do the things that I've learned make that person feel special, gives them joy or just makes their life a bit easier.

I'm also a huge romantic, so it would not be unusual to surprise with a picnic by candlelight, tickets to an event I know they'd like (presented in a special way, of course), or a card left somewhere after spending the evening together or any number of things. You never know what I'll come up with.

I love to flirt, but if I'm in a relationship, they get it all! Of course, I'd love it if they flirted back....it's all good fun and keeps things lively!

I want to be the woman a man looks forward to being with at the end of the day....to share the ups and downs of life and develop a history with. I want to be the soft place they can count on to put their head at night, and trustworthy enough to be a confidant to turn to.

I've been divorced for 5 years and feel I'm ready to settle down with one person. I actually hate dating and prefer to be in a committed relationship. But, will only do that if it feels right for both of us. I don't NEED it, but I'd like to have that in my life.

Things I love to do….haven’t found that much that I really don’t like. I‘m pretty open-minded and willing to at least give something new a try!
Outdoor activities is a must! Camping, fishing (and yes, I bait my own hook), bicycling, snowshoeing, xcountry skiing, rafting. I can’t seem to get up on water skis, but I’d be happy to drive the boat. I’ve even done some snow camping, caving and gold panning. I love motorcycles, but have only ridden cruisers as a passenger but grew up riding dirt bikes with my brothers. I may look the part, but I’m really not a “girly-girl” through and through. At work, I’m in dresses but otherwise in jeans unless there’s an occasion for a dress on the weekend.

I love music..….just about any kind, except for rap, “out there” jazz. Love rock, blues, country….and lots of others. And hand in hand with that is, I do love to dance. I’ve dated a few men long-term that didn’t dance and finally decided I’ve got to be with someone who will dance…..I get wistful sitting at a table, or I’ll just find someone to “chick dance” with, but I definitely prefer to have a cute boy to dance with!

At home….depends on the weather! I like to putz around the house….put on some music, uncork a bottle of wine and go work in the yard, put something on to cook or fire up the BBQ. I also like to read…out in the sun if it’s nice, in front of a fire or in bed at night. I can be spontaneous, so if you get an idea of something fun to go do I am generally up for it and will put the other stuff aside for another day.
What I don’t like is spiders…..can you get ‘em for me? And I don’t like people who like to bicker or have disagreements disrespectfully. Everyone disagrees at times, but fighting fair is the best way to handle it with care for the other person’s position and feelings. I will also say I am reasonably tidy, so if you’re overly messy….probably not a good fit!

Men have called me sweet, kind, sexy, passionate, giving and fun and pretty much a hoot to spend time with. I also have one of the truest, deepest hearts you will ever find and am willing to take the risk to explore the possibility of a relationship. I give myself to it 100% and don’t hold back as I don’t think that’s fair to either one of us. If you’re just looking for women to “play” with, please pass me by. If you believe you are ready to meet a woman with the idea of that possibility, then please send me a note and we’ll see what happens!


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