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Can you stand it!

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76 years old
Fair Oaks, California
United States
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I especially like movies that teach spiritual awareness and make you laugh.
Amadeus,Amelie,American Beauty,All That Jazz,Analyze This, Analyze That, Antonia's Line,
Chocolat (2000), Babette's Feast,As Good As It Gets,Back To The Future, Batman Begins, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon,A Beautiful Mind,The Birdcage,Big,The Black Stallion, The Red Balloon, The Butcher's Wife,Chicago,Cinema Paradiso,The Color Purple, The Crying Game, Castaway,Close Encounters of a Third Kind, 2001, Harry Potter movies, Steel Magnolias, Turning Point, Click,Dances With Wolves, Legend of the Fall, The Dark Crystal, Dead Poets Society,Dirty Rotten Scoundrals,Dr Strangelove,Driving Miss Daisy,The Dutchess and Dirtwater Fox,Dragon Heart, Dragon Slayer,Dreamscape,ET, Educating Rita,Edward Sissorhands,Theh Elephant Man,Enemy Mine,Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Fargo, F/X, Fahrenheit 451, Father of the Bride, Ferris Buller's Day Off, Fiddler On The Roof, Finding Forrester, Black Orpheus, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Elephant Man, Always, Austin Powers, Awakenings, Betty Blue, Big Fish, Billy Elliot, The Breakfast Club, The English Patient, Everything is Illuminated, Fairwell My Concubine, The Legend of Zorro (2005), and so on. Now you know I am a movie nut.

I love music. I love easy rock, classical, some jazz, world music, theme music, music to dance by, however, not wrap or hip-hop, heavy metal,Lawrence Welk type, twangy country or any negative lyrics.

I read and write books. Once again, too many to list. I love to learn new things. I like spiritual growth books, some biographys, and some fiction and non fiction. I loved reading Harry Potter books. Great imagination. I loved the series of books that began with The Medicine Woman and Clan of The Cave Bear. I like Margaret George's biographies. I used to like horror stories, but have since grown to dislike anything that pulls you down spiritually.

I like to make jewelry, do photography, crochet and knit, paint with watercolor and oils, write books, and dance.

Can you stand it! Are you ready for a truly wonderful love relationship? Are you ready to jump in fully present and emotionally available? Are you ready for honesty and trustworthiness? Do you wish to have a lot of fun for the rest of your life? I am more than ready to have the love of my life finally join me in living life in its fullest.

There is so much depth to a person there is no way I can explain my true essence to you. We all go on our life experiences to help us discern our next step on this planet. I am happy to be here now. The planet is an amazing place to be with all its loveliness in nature and in spirit. I focus on the positive on all levels of being. I focus on being present within it. Learning from the past and being present; always in the now will bring me a bright future. Romance and affection is a natural part of my makeup. I love to love and be loved. I believe there is a loving man out there ready to be spoiled, cherished, respected and admired. I not only want a conscious, self-confident man in my life, I want a playmate to explore the outer world with me, but also wishes to explore our own inner depths. I imagine a relationship where we can both trust each other enough that we have no fear of being ourselves and being able to share our truth with each other. My hopes is that we would be supportive of each other so we can follow our life’s dream and feel we are fulfilling our purpose. A slow dance in our own living room or under the stars and just being present with each other would make my evening special. There would be many nights of cuddling and enjoying our conversations I am alive to open, feel, blossom and be! I am open to experiencing my next journey wherever it may take me.........Life is an adventure.

I have faced death and I want to live and live fully. I would love to have someone that would like to share all the wonders that living brings.
My priorities are my love, my family and friends first. Others, nature, health and abundance in all things comes next.

Intelligence, wisdom, affection, good communication, spiritual awareness, one that likes to do things, camping, traveling, working out problems together in a peaceful manner, being social, going out to dance, to dine, to the movies, plays, musicals, festivals, fairs, museums, and for walks. One that doesn't mind dressing up for the occasion. One that likes to try new things; likes an adventure; has a good sense of humor; is playful; is open and honest; one that can be trusted and trusts, and one that is emotionally available and respects women.

A person that rather sit on the couch most of the time than go out and have fun. A man that is so wrapped up in sports that that takes number 1 on the priority list. Motorcycles.(I've had too many loved ones become invalids or die because of motorcycles.) A man that doesn't like adventure. A man that is closed minded. A man that isn't affectionate. A man that doesn't care about his appearance. A man that doesn't see women as his equal. A man that feels he has to be controlling and abusive. A man that has problems with jealousy, is non-trusting, not trustworthy, judgemental, negative, non-social, lacks a sense of humor, in-considerate, insensitive, doesn't clean up after himself, doesn't help around the house when both work, lacks communication skills, is irresponsible, and runs bills up. (All past problems that killed the relationship.)

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