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Just one good lady needed!

mem_normal2 OFFLINE
69 years old
Westland, Michigan
United States
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I like most music, classic rock, country and the blues.

Rap can stay all rapped up and in the can with the lid on tight.

Flying, riding my Motor Cycle or just jumping on me bicycle.
My interests run the gamut...like being anywhere there is sun, sand and umbrella drinks, water, playing cards, dancing, particularly slow dancing, which I find to be very sensuous!

I was someone who’s job was his life (workaholic) before, but I’ve seen the light (family) and on another path now. I'm a person who feels that a job is just a means to an end, in that it provides you with the money to do the things you enjoy in life. I may not be for you. I do look and try to plan for tomorrow myself, but it may never come, I’ve seen that, been there.
You see I was totally Monogamous to my wife for 22 years.She knew I was monogamous, but she finally told me the day before she pasted on, have you any idea how that hurt me all the years. She told me I was the best man that she could ever have found in this world.
She asked me that day to do her just one last thing for her, “Go on with my life after she is gone and find someone and be happy again, make someone just as happy as she was with me.”

I was there with her I felt the last heart beat, I reached over and kissed her as she released the last breath of air from her lungs and took it into my own lungs as I kissed her the last time forever, I knew, I knew, what and how she taught me “what love was.”

I am not here on this site much at all, but I do have a yahoo dot com address it is bigbare_mich there.

Sexy looks and What the Hell why not say it, Great Sex life!

Screaming and Bitching, drunks.

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