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Welcome to Marcia's page...

Hello. I am a Texas native. I was happily married for 42 years to the love of my life and fairly recently lost my husband to cancer. I hate the term widowed... I don't like to categorize myself as a widow. I will always consider myself my husband's wife! My best friend, my soulmate, my better half, he's always and forever MY PERSON. To be perfectly clear...I have ZERO interest in a new romantic relationship. I have two grown sons and a fairly large extended family. I also have amazing friends.(hopefully, including you) All inclusive, they are my comfort and joy. I live a simple life in a small town. I am a college graduate, employed for many years, recently retired. I am a Christian woman, very conservative. I ask that you DO NOT post any offensive or abrasive comments or any obscene, sexually explicit material on my page. I believe in lending an ear, or a prayer, laughing and smiling and lifting each other up, both mentally and spiritually. It's what I offer here and what I feel friendship should be...

Favorite quotes:

“There is something beautiful about a blank canvas, the nothingness of the beginning that is so simple and breathtakingly pure. It’s the paint that changes its meaning and the hand that creates the story. Every piece begins the same, but in the end they are all uniquely different.”
~ Piper Payne
"Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are". ~ Mary Jean Irion
“Mirth is the sweet wine of human life. It should be offered, sparkling, with zestful life unto God". ~ Henry Ward Beecher
"Mirth is God's medicine." ~ Henry Ward Beecher
"Mirth is like a flash of lightning, that breaks through a gloom of clouds, and glitters for a moment; cheerfulness keeps up a kind of daylight in the mind"... ~Joseph Addison
“We all enter this world crying. Laughter is something we have to learn". ~ Gina Barreca
“Life is serious all the time, but living cannot be...in anything important you must have mirth or you will have madness". ~ Gilbert K. Chesterton
"To be intuitive, we must cultivate our sense of humor and look for reasons to laugh everywhere. We become so self-absorbed and serious when it comes to our problems and melodramas that we disconnect from our deeper sense of who we are as beautiful souls ~ we withdraw from life instead of enjoying it. Laughter brings us back to ourselves and back to life". ~ Sonia Choquette
"True beauty lives in the soul"...
"Ordinary riches can be stolen; real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you". ~ Oscar Wilde
“Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can.” ~ Danny Kaye

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It is a beautiful day here in South Georgia! I really

hope your day is beautiful as well! I am wanting to take a 

long nap and will as soon as i am done here! I have found the 

do not disturb setting on my phone that rings constantly! I 

Love that setting! Well have a Blessed day and share the 

Smiles! I am sending Smiles and Hugs Alway's!


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"You can close your eyes to

things you don't want to see

but you can't close your

heart to the things that you

doesn't want to feel."

~ Unknown ~

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Good Morning Sunshine!

A well-deserved prom night

Alex and his grandmother always had a unique bond with each other. He would spend hours with her, listening to his grandmother’s stories of a lifetime. She once told him that she had met his grandfather a long time after graduating from high school. This was also the reason why she was never asked out to go to prom. When the day of Alex’s prom had arrived, his grandmother was so excited for him. She had watched him save money for months so that he could afford a tuxedo and even a limousine. His grandmother eagerly waited to find out who Alex would be taking to the prom. But to her great surprise, he told her that he would be taking her to prom. He told her that every woman deserves to go to prom, no matter if they are 18 or 80.

Love you my friend

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