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movies o yea movies!! um lets see i like romance , comedy, drama, mystery, love, sci-fi, adventure, etc,,,,, just say war of the worlds kool movie, loved remember the titans disney movies growing with them remember the wonderful world of color on sunday nights lol im trying to..............

music!! i love music, all sorts of music, u name it , ill prob like it,, rap , pop, rock , classical, oldies, modern, etc , im a musician , I LOVE MUSIC ,, it speaks to the soul!!! mind and heart and even the body!! yikes!! oh yeah btw forgot bout the country stuff sorry bout that!:-)

books mmmmmmmmmmmm i always loved to read ... lets see um wen i was a little girl BLACK BEAUTY of course,,,, and Little Women,,, of course the Bobbsey Twins,,, so so many ive read,,, older Pride and Predjudice,,,, Joshua in the City,,,and many more ..............oh yes ,,, one required in high school,,,,,,,,,,,, ewwwwwwwwwwww, Silas Marner lol anyone remember the nancy drew and hardy boys collection! awesome stuff,,reading is fun , find a good book! read it,,get lost in it , its amazing !!!

music,reading,civi music!! exercise, eating healthy,cooking,grandchildren, lol chatting online! etci like to draw, sing, play my keyboard,teach,encourage everyone,chatting is lots of fun, meeting new ppl from all over the world and this is the best place and cheapest i found to do that, lol,.............. divorce,,,,,,,,, not a happy place to be................. abortion............. not a good place to be................. marriage........... a good place to be ...........u give 100%,,,,,,they give 100% and guess wat IT

MySpace Codeswell im 54, green eyes, ash blonde hair, im a very contented wife, my husband is the most sweetest caringest man on earth there is none like him and most likely never will be,, we have been together since 1971,,and the love i have for him grows more beautiful everyday with him,,im also a mom, and gram, and i love my family, i have 3 children a son david, 26, very interesting character, so full of info,, a daughter kirsten,21, she is beautiful and going to college she is so very intelligent im very proud of her and raising a son,mmmmmm my grandson isaiah , who will be 3 in february but wat and awesome little guy,,, and then theres kalyn she is 16 my youngest , very pretty too, and quite the character like her brother, so yes life is very full and interesting with these four in my life and there friends and girlfriend and boyfriends and etc,, im a friend to all, age isnt a prob, i love to encourage everyone to be the best they can be, no matter wat,,always be urself,,,oh yea btw, i love to talk , im not very shy, and i enjoy life to the fullest!!! Favorite Things: fav things to do, be with my fam, my grandson, my husband, like a good movie, enjoy all sorts of music,art, walking, and i love to tease ppl but most of all just enjoy life to the fullest.... Favorite Quote: as love grows older, r hearts mature, and r love becomes as coals, deep, burning and unquenchable mmmm and to my husband seduce my mind and u have my body, find my soul im urs forever and always!!

Honest, caring, loving ppl that care about living life to the fullest, making the best of what GOD has given u..good or bad, .. all types of music,

smoking,drinking,using foul language,being crude or uncaring about others. insulting ppl..

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