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65 years old
north adams, Massachusetts
United States
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the abyss, newer john travolta movies, tarentino movies, kill bill 1 and 2, gladiator, cross creek, nicholas cage, bruce willis, lots and lots of movies

counting crows,evanessance, offspring, bob marley, 3 doors down, stained ,dido,weezer,verve pipe,greenday,tool,eclectic tex-mex-vegas type music, willie nelson, waylon jennings, a little classical, a little pop

coyote blue by christopher moore (funny as hell)

painting (landscapes, wildlife,conceptual) photography, writeing lyrics,cooking, fishing, walks in the woods

I like to paint, i illustrate commercially and paint for a fine art gallery), cook tex-mex, BBQ, Seafood (mostly), like spice, the out doors, travel, movies either out or a dvd at home vegging on the couch, country rides tag-saleing,,love boston, the beech (especially S. Florida and Maine) love music of many kinds (a lot of alt rock...art school thing, ya know?). some pop, regge, old country, bluegrass..just too many. Some of my favorite times have been flying to wild places photographing sceanic's and wildlife for reference use in painting. i've never been closer to a higher power than sitting off a trail, looking out at the mountains and rivers of places like wyoming,montana and the olympic penninsula........I try staying balanced in life...live ‘n let live. I'm easy to talk to, have a dry, deviouse sense of humor (looking for same or similar),. i tend to think young

creativity, intelligence, youth, vitality, alternitive music (and others) dogs (not poodles).

Poodles, fridgeidity, resturants, Poodles

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