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41 years old
Shawnee, Oklahoma
United States
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There is not much I don't like. I listen to Alternative, Rock, Country, some rap (very little), even spanish if it has a good beat(though I can't understand a word of it.)

I like alot of horror books, some sci-fi, and westerns. Basic criteria- cant be too descriptive, I like to use my own imagination and get bored very quickly, so if the book has paragraphs describing one item, I wouldn't get very far into it.

Taking a trip to Ireland- I don't know why, I've wanted to go since I was a little girl. Maybe one day I'll make it.
Going on a ride in a Limo- ok, ok, its nothing big, and I'm sure there are those of you like my husband who have already been and want to tell me it's no big deal, but I would like to experience it for myself.
Having land out in the country with enough space for horses, chickens, ducks, geese, etc. and a large garden- I've spent the majority of my life in various cities, but I'm a country girl at heart and that where I am happiest.

I am a stay at home Mom of two wonderful kids.I am a quiet person to those who first meet me, so I am commonly mistaken for a snob, but that couldn't be far off. Once you do get to know me, I have a sarcastic sense of humor, and am opinionated and am very vocal.

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08/08/2022 05:58:53

07/04/2022 09:12:18

I probably am guiilty of not reaching out to all my
friends here on Boomer too often just know even though there might seen
to be a drought in my discourse there is a flood of positive feelings
for you each and every one. Have a blessed Fourth and give thanks for
what little freedom we still have to celebrate and pray it will not be
taken away by those who have so infected our society, our values, our
laws and way of life.
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