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Gentleman, but with a fun side

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60 years old
Leesville, Louisiana
United States
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The Jackal, The Italian Job, Left Behind series, American Pie series, The Bourne series; action, romance, comedy.

My taste varies with my mood. Old rock and roll, some country, R&B, soft jazz, classical, hip hop. My favorite band right now is Evanescence.

Frederick Forseyth, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Edger Allen Poe. I like to read something that will make me think, some action to keep my interest, some romance to touch me, and those about the lone guy walking his own path.

I like bicycle riding, hiking, most outdoor activities, reading, studing different beliefs, going to the gym.

I am a 45 year old gentleman, suddenly finding himself starting over. Employed full-time. I have a sense of humor that ranges from mild to way out there depending on the company. I have my own mind and like to think for myself, not follow someone else's opinion. I believe you should think for yourself and research things, not just blindly follow like a sheep, from politics to religion to everyday things. Ex-military, working to help train our military. I like to stay active and try to stay in shape. I believe in treating a lady as she shoule be. Like romance. I am very open-minded to most anything you might want to do. Just ask.

Fun sense of humor, open mindedness, willing to try different things in all aspects of life, staying active and making efforts to stay in shape.

Closed mindedness, racist, people with out commom sense, people that use/step on others to make themselves look better, bad hygiene, those that do not want to try different things. Life is to live, not sit and let it pass by.

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