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Jim Green

mem_normal2 OFFLINE
64 years old
Waco, Texas
United States
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I like all kinds of movies, action, horror, adventure, animated, sci-fi, comedies etc. You name it. I'm a movie buff and have over 3000 in my personal collection in either DVD or VHS

I like everything from Country to Rock N Roll but grew up listening to 70s and 80s music mostly. My favorite band however is Led Zeppelin but I listen to anything as long as it's good. Hit me up with your favorite. I always love finding new musicians and artists out there.

I'm an avid reader but like most everything else I find it's hard to really get quality time to read. But my taste here is eclectic like with everything else.

Art, music, reading, writing, playing my guitar and keyboard, watching good movies or TV shows, playing with my 5 dogs, going for walks, outdoors, animals, and meeting new people and making friends.

Too many to mention

Hmmm..let me think about this one okay?

12/29/10 Which 7 Dwarf name best describe you when you first wake up?
12/22/10 Which super power would you rather have?

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I'm an artist and writer from Austin Texas who is living currently in Waco Texas. I love meeting people and making friends. I've been doing art since I was 3 years old. I play guitar and keyboard. I write a variety of things including romance and erotica among other things. I've written and illustrated a handbook for the San Antonio Museum of Art on Ancient Egypt for the docent program there, a Comic book on some couch potatoes and a full length e-book called "The Dream" among other things. I love sharing my stories. Feel free to message me for some.

I love a good sense of humor, a great smile and a beautiful pair of eyes. I love a nice personality. My other favorites though include sunsets and sunrises, watching the stars at night, moon light, roaring fireplaces, candle light, foggy country roads, the way sunlight breaks through trees on a nature walk, camping, outdoors, animals, beautiful women and friendly people in general.

Arrogance, self centered people, laziness, slackers, drama queens, clingy types, back stabbers, stupid drivers and generally dumb asses.

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