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12/12/2021 20:13:43


12/12/2021 19:44:16

Haven't done much today

went for coffee.,  and did a few  xmas things  around the house.,  hope you have a wonderful  new week.  and a great night.,  hugs  June

12/12/2021 17:27:15

12/12/2021 07:49:36

Hi Babes Smile!!!Up Bright And Early Jogged To The Heath To Take An Exercise Class For The New  Members Of My Gym Not A Big Deal Just A Three Mile Run Or Walk Over Hampstead Heath And An Exercise Program I Borrowed From Ann-Maria My Trainer About Two Hours In All ...I Enjoyed It Tremendously I Feel Fabulous ...I Was Going To Play Golf But I'ts A Bit To Wet...No Flying Today Sooo Much To Do Here At Home...With The Holiday Approaching At A Very Fast Pace Work Wise I'm OK Did It All At The Mancave In Cornwall Jenny And Sadie Are Very Happy We Have Contracts Until The End Of Next Year The Jingles Have Finish Now And Not Soon Enough For My Liking INNIT SMILE!!!...Drove Me Nutttttzzz But They Sell Very Well Sooooo Why Not!!!...The Dinner And Music At Ronnie Scotts Made A Nice Change Stayed Until Midnight Then A Cab Home ...Ok Sweeettttzzz I Was Going To Tell You A Few Things That Went On In Cornwall But I'll Keep That For Another Time Thank You For Your Kind Regards Always Welcome...

I'll Be Away For A Couple Of Days On The Continent Amsterdam And Paris Soooo I'll See You When I Get Back To The UK Take Care Be Happy See You Soon...



12/11/2021 22:38:16

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12/11/2021 19:41:00

evening., crappy weather ., day,  finish  wrapping all my gifts

still don't know what to get my son.,  just 500. in gift cards so  far.  any ideas please.

went for coffee.   hope you had a good day,  and a great night ,hugs june

12/11/2021 19:36:02


12/11/2021 09:26:59

Hi Babes Smile!!!Wow What A Week I Feel Like I've Been Away For Ages And The Storm Barra Played Havoc With My Flying Times No Way Was I Going To Try And Fly Back Home On Teusday But The Weather Said Otherwise So I Did Some More Work In The Mancave I've Finished Setting Up My Studio And Now I'm Connected And The Engineers Have Left... Peace At Last ...The Cottage Part Will Be Finished Sometime In The New Year Which Is Cool For Me Then I Can Get All The Things I Bought Delivered To Make It All More Homely It's A Great Place To Work From I Rather Hoped I Could Invite Friends To Stay Over Christmas But I Will Be To Busy Jabbing For The NHS And Give Them As Much Time As I Can  And The Hospital Gig For The Childrens Wards It's Not A Problem ...A Piece Of Cake...Ok Sweeetzzz Have A LovelyW/End And Thank You For All Your Lovely Posts And Messages Very Heart Warming...



12/11/2021 00:54:21


12/11/2021 00:35:59


12/10/2021 22:20:42


12/10/2021 22:18:51

Evening  sorry so late

 i have  to  stop  doing so much

have a great weekend

hugs june

12/10/2021 22:14:56

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12/10/2021 18:37:17

12/10/2021 13:09:13

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