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11/24/2021 20:03:38

11/24/2021 15:58:19

11/24/2021 09:41:21

11/24/2021 02:26:16

11/23/2021 21:11:35

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11/23/2021 20:10:32

11/23/2021 17:38:47

Evening  really cold day today.,  just went to the jewelier need a battery for my watch  couldn't believe they wouldn't do it right then  have to pick it up tomorrow  $8.00  for a battery  next time i'll just buy a new watch.   then went for coffee.

making a few pies  this  evening.

hope you had a good day.

11/23/2021 16:02:40

11/22/2021 22:41:50

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11/22/2021 19:41:06

Evening., chilly day  going to be colder tomorrow., finally got the banks fixed  

couple of them  mergered.

couldn't view them.

hope you had a good day

see you tomorrow., goodnight  hugs  June

11/22/2021 18:25:00

11/21/2021 22:50:32

11/21/2021 22:02:16

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11/21/2021 21:25:14


11/21/2021 19:04:19

11/21/2021 18:03:59

Evening,  was an ok day,  went to the store walgreens., made dinner for me, son and his girlfriend  homemade ravioli and meatballs,  garlic bread.,  worse of it they eat and bring out there plate to the kitchen and that's it  says i cooked  i clean  of well.   not sure what my son doing thanksgiving because she's going to her aunts my son's invited ., told him i'll make stuffed mushrooms, deviled eggs  some sweets  girlfriends wants Macaroon's etc  for him to take  don't like him going empty handed.,   so  i'll be  busy 

hope you had a good day.  and a wonderful night.

hugs June


11/21/2021 16:44:39

Friend, I'm sick, I have a lot of pain, I can't always be on the computer, I'm sorry.

11/21/2021 11:10:39

11/20/2021 21:58:54

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11/20/2021 17:29:36

Evening  a chilly day  in the 30'   did a lot of errands today

when i got  home alone tonight  bought me a little chinese food  only cost me 21.00

if my son was here with the girlfriend  would of cost me 80.   hope you had a good start  to the weekend., 

11/20/2021 13:58:32

11/20/2021 04:05:56

11/19/2021 21:43:11

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11/19/2021 18:25:56

Evening., my friend,  was a really chilly day  only in the low 40's  brrr

hope your day was better.,  an have a great weekend., went today and bought a portable  charger for the car.,  that way i don't have to call AAA all the time.  just in case  it's been starting but don't want to take the chance.  have a great weekend my friend., see you in the morning., hugs  June

11/19/2021 18:07:08

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