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11/14/2021 18:20:53

Evening  another  chilly day  30's

didn't do much today just went out for coffee to give the car a run. hope you had a good day

see you in the morning

11/14/2021 16:50:25



11/14/2021 16:35:08

11/14/2021 06:29:40

Hi Babes Smile!!!Boy I've Missed Ya....Well It's All Good News First Of All ,The Mancave Is Looking A Bit Better But I've Still Got To Work On The Studio Attatchment It's All Built But Now I've Got To Fit It All Out With The Latest Digital Recording And Mixing Boards I've Got Jenny Working On A Deal With ....To Fit It All Out At Their Expense They Can Well Afford It And They Know It's In Their Favour I Cant Mention Names Much As I Would Like But The Amount Of Work I Do For Them It Shouldn't Be A Problem...I Never Want To See Another Christmas Jingle I Finished Four For One Company All Differently Written And They Will Sell Them On...I Much Prefer Ghost Writing It Comes To Me And Suits My Style Of Living.....Lotsa MEEEE TIme Now INNIT SMILE!!! I Do Luv Cornwall Sooo Quaint But At The Same Time It Has A Feel To Just Being There I Work Hard And Sleep Like A Babe...And The Pasties And Local Brew To Die For...OK Sweeeettzz Thanx For Your Lovely Posts And Messages Get Back To You Soon Take Care Be Happy See You Soon...



11/13/2021 23:04:20

Happy Sunday | Beautiful flowers, Beautiful roses, Flowers

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Dawar Siddiqui Brdhug | Pre wedding photoshoot outdoor, Couple photography  poses, Wedding photoshoot poses

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11/13/2021 19:38:16

Evening  having thunderstorm heavy rains       

had a problem with my car again   the battery fine  it's  the  wires  that get wet

just let it    run again for 15 minutes    i hope it starts tomorrow ..hope you had a better day..  see you in the morning   hugs june


11/13/2021 01:21:00


11/12/2021 21:57:25

Happy saturday - PicMix

Art + Music: flowerbloom

28 Lutz Family ideas | family posing, family photoshoot, family photography

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11/12/2021 20:40:28


11/12/2021 19:44:45

Was a really  stormy  day,  tornado 60 mile winds  in the 30   today

i was busy  writting out  my christmas cards  have 80  done  so far.,

hope you had a good  day.,  now  to find  something to eat  am hungry forgot  lunch.   see you in the morning

11/12/2021 16:36:53

11/11/2021 22:00:43

Friday Blessings | Blessed friday, Friday wishes, Good night blessings

Purple Flowers GIF - Purple Flowers - Discover & Share GIFs | Purple roses,  Purple flowers, Flowers gif

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See the source image

11/11/2021 20:24:32


11/11/2021 18:46:18

11/11/2021 17:55:33

EVENING., my friend  I hope you had a nice day

i just went to the store and coffee.,  and tonight I had VFW meeting

such a hard time getting there can't drive at night.,  night blind.

were getting  heavy rains tomorrow  and temperature in the 30's  so i might just stay in...

11/10/2021 21:50:17

Pin on Happy Thursday

Roses Pink Rose GIF - Roses Rose Pink Rose - Discover & Share GIFs

Stylish-Couple-DP-29.jpg - StatusJin

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11/10/2021 18:30:36


11/10/2021 17:54:06

Evening ., hope your having a great day

weather here was in the 50's  .. I went to the store  and met the girls for coffee..  

have a good night my friend  and if your a vet  Thank you for your service.

11/10/2021 16:08:55

11/10/2021 02:09:42


11/09/2021 22:27:57

Happy Wednesday Gm GIF - Happy Wednesday Gm Wednesday - Discover & Share  GIFs

Wet pink rose | My 2008 blog

Stylish-Couple-DP-29.jpg - StatusJin

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11/09/2021 18:54:19


11/09/2021 18:43:43

Evening  beautiful day.,  we  hit  70  i believe.

went to the bank.,  got gas  and  coffee., came home early  i made  homemade ravioli's

not as many i usual make  couldn't roll the dough i  don't have a machine, cut each one by hand with my heart surgery  to much work., also made stuff peppers genoa italian style ... hope you had a great day.,

11/09/2021 16:43:17

11/08/2021 22:00:05

27 Tuesday Wishes ideas | happy tuesday quotes, good morning tuesday,  tuesday quotes

Sad Flowers GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

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