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11/18/2020 04:40:50

11/17/2020 21:00:28

“Life is a book in volumes three -

The past, the present, and the yet-to-be.

The past is written and laid away,

The present we're writing every day,

And the last and best of volumes three

Is locked from sight - God keeps the key”

~ Unknown ~

11/17/2020 16:24:30


If I told you, you are lovable and sweet, would you believe me?

Well you are!


Love always, Annette, "That's All!"

Annette Hanshaw was born in New York in 1901. Lovable and
sweet was more than just a song where Annette was concerned - she lived
her life that way. Her manager, Herman "Wally" Rose always had the best
talent available to accompany Annette - Jack Teagarden, Morton Downey,
Miff Mole, Eddie Lang, Joe Venute, Phil Napolean, Red Nichols, Adrian
Rollini, Benny Goodman, Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey - the A list of jazz
musicians. In 1929, Annette and Wally were married and remained so
until his death in 1954.

To increase market share, her songs were released under the names Patsy
Young, Dot Dare, Gay Ellis, Marion Lee, Betty Lloyd, Janet Shaw, Frances
Hopwood, Ethel Bingham and Leila Sanford-but trade publications
revealed the various names to the public so everyone knew who the real
artist was. She appeared on the Camel Caravan, Maxwell House Showboat,
Van Heusen Hour, and Rexall Magic Magic Hour to name but a few. She
was the Personality Girl with her trademark "That's All" at the end of
most of her recordings. The New York Times called her one of the most
prolific recording artists of the 20s-30s. Although she was elected
America's most popular female singer in a nationwide Radioland poll, she
is all but unknown today. Lovable and Sweet from the motion picture
Street Girl, Okeh, NY, 8-29-29. Trumpet is Tommy Dorsey (which he
occasionally played instead of the clarinet, during the 20s), his
brother, Jimmy Dorsey, does the clarinet, trombone is one Charlie
Butterfield. Okeh Records 1929

Annette Hanshaw - Lovable and Sweet - 1929 -



11/17/2020 14:37:24



11/17/2020 06:26:28

Hello my dear friend,

It is reg,

A dull looking day,

Cloudy and no sun,

It’s still cold with it.

Have a wonderful.

Relaxing Tuesday.


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Tuesday comments


Love and hugs,



11/17/2020 05:07:21
Seems like I've always had a fondness for horses ever since I can remember

11/17/2020 03:52:02

Van kedves kedd barátom !! ölelgeti Vannát

11/17/2020 03:39:29

11/16/2020 20:57:55

Forget about mistakes you made yesterday

The lessons you learned are good for today.

Never give up and think that you’re through

There’s always tomorrow to start off brand new.

~ Unknown ~

11/16/2020 15:30:37



It's been raining "cats and dogs!"

Didn't you know?

Could I borrow your umbrella?


Love always, Annette, "That's All!"

4-30-1929 - Diva Records 2910-G

Annette Hanshaw - I Get the Blues When it Rains (1929)



It was raining, dear, when I met you
You smiled, the sun shone through
Then it rained again and I lost you
Just why I never knew
Now every time the storm clouds gather way up in the sky
I see them all and I recall those happy days gone by

I get the blues when it rains
The blues I can't lose when it rains
Each little drop that falls on my window pane
Always reminds me of the tears I've shed in vain
I sit and wait for the sun
To shine down on me once again
It rained when I found you and it rained when I lost you
That's why I'm so blue when it rains

I get the blues when it rains
I lose my rouge when it rains
Each little drop puts a shine right on my nose
Each taxi cab splashes mud on my silk hose
No where to go in the rain
And card playing gives me a pain
I haven't got a fella, not even an umbrella
Oh, I get the blues when it rains! "Thats All!"

11/16/2020 13:00:53



11/16/2020 09:51:07

11/16/2020 09:12:52

11/16/2020 05:50:03

boldog új hetet kedves barátom !! megöleli Vannát

11/16/2020 04:24:41

Hello my dear friend,

It is reg,

Dry at this moment,

No sun and cloudy,

Still cold with it now.

Have a thoughtful,

Relaxing Monday.


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Love and hugs,



11/16/2020 02:52:18

11/15/2020 20:26:33

Faith sees the invisible, 

believes the incredible and 

receives the impossible.

~ Unknown ~

11/15/2020 16:02:34

Hi Happy Sunday

Hi my friends  hope ur day has been good, have a  Super and a very Nice sunday hugs love xoxo Mvp :) 


Have A Great Party Weekend

Be the reason someone smiles today.


Love It can move mountains

11/15/2020 15:52:08




Will you join me?

I'm ready...Are you?


Love always, Annette, "That's All!"

Hanshaw as GAY ELLIS, acc. by the New England Yankees (Ben Selvin's
Tommy Dorsey, ? Tommy Gott, t / Charlie Butterfield, tb / Jimmy Dorsey
and another, cl, as / ts / 2-3 vn / p / g / ? Hank Stern or Joe Tarto,
bb / d. New York, February 20, 1929. Theme of the movie, "The Shopworn
Angel" starring Gary Cooper and Nancy Carroll. Recorded by Columbia

A Precious Little Thing Called Love - Annette Hanshaw



11/15/2020 12:35:11

having some nasty weather here, hoping my power does'nt go out..have a pleasant sunday..hugs..marykay

11/15/2020 10:19:25



11/15/2020 07:01:48

Blessings & Love on Your Sunday my Adorable Friend...♥

Peter Lindbergh, Charlotte Rampling,1982

Kirk Douglas (09.12.1916 - 05.02.2020)

Daniel Cande, Brigitte Bardot, n/d

rouge-nuage:“•  Jean-Louis Trintignant by Angelo Frontoni, 1962”

almavio:“Shahrokh Hatami, Sharon Tate in a bathing suit by Rudi Gernreich, 1969”

un-air-d-autrefois:“Alain Loison , Jane Birkin et Serge Gainsbourg à la première du film “Slogan”, Paris, août 1969”

Kate Barry, Vanessa Paradis, 2004

Charlotte Rampling, Sans titre, 1981


Helmut Newton, Dennis Hopper and Denise Crosby, Venice, California 1985

un-air-d-autrefois:“ Romy Schneider en Yves Saint Laurent par Helmut Newton ,1974”

sovietpostcards:“Photo by Howard Sochurek (1958)”

11/15/2020 06:09:04

Hello my dear friend,

It is reg,

A nice blue sky,

No clouds yet,

Still cold as well.

Have a relaxing,

Happy Sunday.



            &nb sp;                         &nb sp;                         &nb sp;                      





Love and hugs,



11/15/2020 04:55:14

Boldog vasárnap kedves barátom !! huigs Vanna

11/15/2020 03:28:33

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