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11/08/2021 21:58:52

~Beautiful weather today~We are to get Rain around 2am till 9am~Which is always good for us :) Enjoy your Evening..Hugs Lorribelle54

11/08/2021 12:17:23

Sing It With Me :)

Bah-da bah-da-da-da. Everybody now!

Bah-da bah-da-da-da. 

Happy Music Monday! Whether it is Monday, 

Wednesday, or Friday, as long 

as I have a friend like you, 

it will always be an

Awesome Day. 

11/07/2021 20:38:45

~Have a Wonderful New Week~ Hugs Lorribelle54

11/07/2021 12:24:26

The first Sunday of November is not only the end of

the Daylight Saving Time period, 

it is also Zero Tasking Day. I hope that you

are able to enjoy this internet holiday:)

You deserve it :)

11/06/2021 12:45:27

Pajamas Still On ✓ 

Hi :) grab a bowl and a spot next to me:)

It must be a Saturday! 

I just spent the last hour facetiming with my little nephews:)

I was reminded of how excited that I would once get

over Saturday morning cartoons.

"meep meep"

11/04/2021 21:53:04

Another Beautiful Fall day~ TGIF Tomorrow~ Hugs Lorribelle54

11/04/2021 13:16:08

Men Make Dinner Day❤

Take the night off :) National Men Make Dinner Day 

on the first Thursday in November places the man

in charge of the kitchen and the evenings meal.

I hope you like pasta!

Go ahead and try a bite:) I dare


11/03/2021 12:13:34

Good Morning. Happy Wednesday!

11/01/2021 13:07:09

Everybody Now! 

Deck the halls with boughs of holly

Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

Happy November 1st :)

Too Soon?

10/31/2021 18:05:43

We are waiting for the Braves game tonite~Most of the Children in our area are going to safe Fall and Harvest Fun Places~But we do have candy for whoever shows up~I know for sure Two~ My daughter & Grandson...lol....Enjoy your Evening~ Hugs Lorribelle54

10/31/2021 15:34:50


Why oh why can't my house be haunted?

Just my luck :'( 

Happy Halloween :) Scary smiles across

the miles..


10/30/2021 23:46:04

Enjoy your Sunday~ Happy Braves Won again~Stay safe~ Lorribelle54 Hugs

10/30/2021 14:13:08

The Moment I Wake Up

Before I put on my makeup

I say a little prayer 

for you

God Bless My Boomer Family ❤ Amen

Happy Halloween Eve :)


10/29/2021 13:54:33

I see Jukebox Bobby posting a bulletin in the

very near future:) I see the video "Devil In Disguise"


Have a great weekend boomer buds:)

Hi :)

10/29/2021 10:49:37

Fairy Friends Garden Life picture

10/28/2021 13:29:38

Happy Throwback Thursday :) I thought that we

could share a smile together:))) 



You start to freeze as horror looks you right

between the eyes, You're paralyzed 

'Cause this is thriller!!


10/27/2021 20:54:58

~Hope Your Week is going well~ Watching the Braves~Baseball....Hubby cooked chicken and pasta~ :) Enjoy your Evening~ Hugs Lorribelle54

10/26/2021 13:59:33

You Could Use A Break:)

They say there is nothing better than

a friend, unless it is a friend 

with chocolate.

Happy Tasty Tuesday Boomer pals:)

Do you have a favorite

candy bar? 

10/25/2021 22:50:47

~Enjoy your Tuesday~ Hugs~ Lorribelle54

10/25/2021 18:31:26

~Getting Our Rain~!!! Enjoy your Evening Hugs Lorribelle54

10/25/2021 13:38:30

I'm gonna let my little buddy, SLAPPY do the 

talking for me today:)

Wishing you a happy & healthy brand new week!

Keep on smiling :) xOoX


10/24/2021 14:07:33


I had a fun night kicking my company's behinds 

at Music Trivia :)

I Hope that you had a nice weekend :)

How does it feel to be friends with the


10/23/2021 22:28:08

~Still waiting for rain...should come tonite....Still watching baseball.....Wishing you a great Sunday :) Hugs Lorribelle54

10/22/2021 22:18:03

~We are going to get Much needed Rain!!! Have a great Week End :) Hugs Lorribelle54

10/22/2021 14:12:43

Have yourself a wonderful weekend :)

Do you have a favorite scary


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