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02/09/2023 22:55:57

Who's gonna win Sunday, or do you care? lol

Super Bowl 2023 odds, line: Eagles vs. Chiefs picks, predictions from SN  experts | Sporting News

02/08/2023 12:08:42


02/08/2023 10:05:19

Alright my friend let's hear it for a Happy Humpday today!! 

02/06/2023 09:30:35

Hi Babes Smile!!!Up And About Very Early And A Quick Jog To The Heath Then Back To The Gym For A Swim...I'm Spending Some Time In My Greenhouse Planting Some Spring Onions Into Modules And Once They Show Out I Then Put Them Into A Bed To Finish Off ...It's A Beautiful Day And I'm Going To Spend A Couple Of Hours Here There's Always Plenty To Get Ready For Planting Out Later On When It Warms Up A Bit More...I Had An Invite For Dinner With A Friend Last Night Then We Went On To Ronnie Scotts To Listen To Some Good Jazz And A Couple Of Drinks Very Nice...The Two Ronnies Want To Come Up To London On Wednesday Which Is oK With Me  They Are Going To Make Their Own Way Here And I Said I Would Fly Them Back To Cornwall When They Want To Head Back Home It Wont Be For More Than A Couple Of Days As They Have There Own Business To Take Care Of...I'll Probably Take Them Out The First Day For A Quick Look Around And Them Take Them For A Clay Pidgeon Shoot If They Fancy It The Following Day...See How It Goes The Girls Are Coming Tonight To Pick Me Up and The Head To The Jolly Sailor To Have A Beer And Play Some Pool I Was Planning On An Early Night But It Never Works Out Like That...OK Sweeettzz Have A Lovely Day Take Care Be Happy See You Soon...



02/05/2023 09:48:53

Hi Babes Smile!!!I Did Manage To Get My 10pm Slot In By The Time I Got Back To My Flying Club To Put My Wings In For Refueling And Park It Up It Was 3am I Did Manage To Get A Lift To My Car And By The Time I Got Home It Was Just After 4am Completely Shattered And Had A Glass Of Wine And Fell Asleep Wthout Drinking The Wine ...Anyway My Week At The Cave Was Very Productive The Series Is Finished Music Added And Accepted By The Agency That Bought It And Informed Me It Will Be Sold On To Sky Drama At Some Time Later On In The Year So Jenny Said Anyway I've Put It In Sadies Care And Now I Need A Bit Of Meeee Time I Was Thinking About Another Trip To Mexico But The Girls Have Lined Me Up To Do Some Regular Contracts That Need Doing First So I'll Put It On Hold Again For Later On...I've Got The Two Ronnies Coming Up To London Next Week For A Couple Of Days...I Did Manage A Dive With Them At Lands End Fascinating Dive All Around The Sunken Rocks That Lay Off The Cliff Edge And Found Heaps Of Seafood And A Couple Of Lobsters To Bring Back Home To London Very Nice...OK Sweeetttzzz Thank You For All Your And Messages Also All You Congratulations And Posts You Made Me A Very Happy Bunny Innit Smile....OK Soooo Have A Lovely Day Be Happy See You Soon...



02/03/2023 05:32:05

The end is near! Weekend that is. 

01/29/2023 11:07:49

Have a great Sunday my friend. Almost time for a Sunday Brunch for me!!  Take care ...

01/29/2023 08:16:58

Hi Babes Smile!!! It Took A Long Time To Get Here But Home At Last...Had A Few Problems With Take Off Slots The First One I Got Was Around About Midnight I Took Off Ok But The Control Tower Had A Problem And Called Me Back In Normally In Day Llight I Could Have Made My Own Way Back Just Navigateing On My Own Charts But At Night I Dare Not Risk Not Being In Touch As It's Like Flying With Your Eyes Closed Not Up To That Yet But I Will Get There Eventually...OK The Work On My Six Part Series Is More Or Less On The Way But As It's Such A Long Series I Had A Bit Of A Problem Fitting Different Music To Each Episode Not Easy  But I Guess Next Week Once I Get Some Of The Recording Done Here In London I Can Fly Back To The Cave To Finish Off The Whole Thing I've Still Got A Couple Of Week To Finalise And Then Submitt It All To Their Editors To Do With What They Will...I Did Have A Scout Around Places In Cornwall That I Had Never Heard Of Before I Hired A Harley And And Picked A Spot On The Map And Just Took Off For A Couple Of Hours To Clear My Brain It's Not Good To Get Over Involved Whatever You Do Visually It Strains The Eyes Which Leads To Brain Block And For A Writer Thats A Big No No...OK Sweetttzzz Enjoy Your Day Be Happy See You Later INNIT SMILE!!!...




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