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05/02/2022 19:43:52

05/01/2022 21:25:33

05/01/2022 20:47:45

04/30/2022 20:58:02

04/30/2022 01:22:46

Its Saturday Gif - GIFcen

Have a great weekend! 

04/29/2022 19:52:34

04/28/2022 20:41:12

04/28/2022 07:31:38

Hi Babes Smile!!!Up And About Very Early Took An Exercise Class On The Heath This Morning Only Ten Showed Up Mostly The Younger Students From My Gym We Did A Mile Run Jog All Around The Heath Wow The Colours Of The Trees And Grasslands Are Something To Behold Before The Onslaught Of Dog Walkers Some Of Them Handle A Whole Pack As Much As Ten Or More I Suppose Thats Good Business Seven Days A Week At A Tenner An Hour And Thats All Day Long For Some Rather Them Than Me...I Sometimes Take A Friends Alsation For A Run And Thats A More Than Enough To Handle ...Working From Home Today I Seem To Have A Back Log The Girls Have Accepted On Some Regular Contracts They Don't Know It Yet But Theres A Little Bonus Heading Their Way For All The Extra Time They Put In On My Behalf I Like To Show My Appreciation They've Been Soooo Good And Helpfull While I've Been Working From The Cave ...Which Reminds Me That There's Still A Few Things That Need Sorting Out There Soooo I'll Be Heading Back Maybe Over The W/End Will Have To See How It Goes...I've Got A Guitar Lesson For My Friends Wife I've Been Teaching Her Bass Guitar At Advanced Level For A Long Time Thats The Uni Friend Thats Got The Pub On The River Thames Soooo That Will Be A Nice Slap Up Dinner And A Beer Or Two Otherwise I'd Be Home All Day Over Working On New Variations Thats The Music I Had In Mind For The New Group To Play At Napsbury...I Always Compose Whatever I'm Writing All The Way Through To The Finish It's Never The Same If You Go Back On Anything In Music More So Keep The Flow Going While Your Hot INNIT SMILE!!! Hahaha I Know You Know What I Mean Naughty Girl Just Kidding...OK Sweeettzzz Better Get Cracking Have A Lovely Day And Take Care See You Soon...



04/27/2022 20:43:26


04/27/2022 09:50:38

It's the time of mid-week to wish you a Happy Happy Humpday. I love Humpdays   

04/26/2022 16:50:25

04/26/2022 09:06:29

Hi Babes Smile!!!Missed Ya,...All Wrapped Up With Knebworth Music Festival I've Been Writing Material For A Well Known Band That Are Playing Knebworth In June Thats Taking Most Of My Meeeee Time Away It's Ok I've Got Plenty Of Things Lined Up When The Festivals Slow Down A Bit The Girls Are Well And Happy I Fink! At Least I Hope Sooo I'm Sure Jenny Would Soon Let Me Know They've Been Soooo Good Handling Contracts Dunno What I Would Do Without Them Both Great Girls I'm Very Lucky To Have Them...It Hasn't Been So Bad The Engineers Have Finished For Now At The Cave But It Took Ages To Get Things Back To Before The Fire Started So That I Could Work From There Again And Thats What i've Been Doing Most Of The Week Of Course I Did Get A Couple Of Fishing Trips In Just To Get Out To Sea For A Breath Of Fresh Air And Relax A Bit And Yes Thats What Does It For Me INNIT SMILE!!!I Came Home In A Piper Twelve And Dropped It Off At My Club There Are More Women Learning To Fly According To The Teacher Pilots I Wonder What Brought That On...I'm Jamming With The Guys Tonite Trying Out Some New Material And Then A Club Maybe See How I Feel Later On...Just Going To Nip Up To Costco To Pick Up A Few Bits And Pieces Their Doing A Special On Sea Food Prawns And Mussels I Like To Keep The Freezer Topped Up ...Ok Sweeetttzzz Have A Lovely Day Be Happy See You soon ...



04/24/2022 20:01:22

I gotta tell you I Love this time of year! Go riding with a T shirt, weather is perfect.  <3 Have a great new week my friend. Get some riding time in    

04/24/2022 18:18:51

04/23/2022 21:27:01

04/20/2022 04:27:39

Happy Hump Day Wednesday GIF - Happy Hump Day Hump Day Wednesday - Discover  & Share GIFs

Happy Wednesday!  

04/17/2022 09:40:34



Happy Easter Sunday sweet friend. Wishing you a great day, and a great family time. 


04/17/2022 00:47:21

Wielkopolski Klub Sportowy Głuchych - Poznań, Przemysłowa 45/49, Poznan  (2022)

Enjoy your Easter Weekend! 

04/15/2022 23:39:34

04/15/2022 15:48:54

04/15/2022 14:47:27

04/15/2022 08:48:46

Hi Babes Smile !!! Good Friday Is Always A Sad Day But Come Monday The Celebrations Will Kick In And Bring Families Together Once Again I Hope It Works For The Royal Family Poor Old Queen Has Really Been Put Through The Mill One Way Or Another I See By The News That Harry And His Missus Sneaked Back In He Is Not Very Popular Over Here At The Moment At A Guess I Would Say That As The Queen Is Getting On In Years It Might Be The Only Chance He Will Have To Straighten Things Out Between The Whole Family I Just Hope So For Her Sake...I Had A Great Time In Oxford And Made Good Time On My Home Run ...The Girls Looked Fabulous And Really Enjoyed The Evening Best Of All Was Introducing Them To Various Musicians And Writers That Buy My Work I Quite Enjoyed Taking Them With Me And They Enjoyed The Night ...I'm Heading Off To The Cave Tonight Just Over The Easter For A Couple Of Days I'm Sooo Pleased That I 'm Not Going By Road As The Roads Are Jammed With Traffic And The Airports Are In A Terrible State With Cancellations It's Always The Way At Holiday Times...Glad I Can Do My Own Thing And Just Take Off At My Own Leisure It's The Best Thing I Ever Did Getting My Pilots Licence I Can Just Do My Own Thing Whenever I Need To Travel...Ok Sweeettzzz Have A Lovely Easter Break Your Soooo Lucky To Have Family To Share With ...Have A Lovely Break Take Care See You Soon...



04/14/2022 20:15:39

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04/14/2022 15:24:11

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