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04/14/2022 09:33:11



Enjoy your Thirsty Thursday 

04/14/2022 08:03:27

Hi Babes Smile!!!It's A Lovely Day Sunshine And A Blue Sky Just Perfect For A Quick Flight Up To Oxford And Back Using One Of My Clubs Aircraft A Two Seater Piper Can Be There And Back In A Couple Of Hours You Probably Don't Know That Oxford Won The Boat Race This Year First Time In  Years I Had To Miss It This Year As I Was At The Cave I Never Miss It  As A Rule Sooo I'm Heading Up To Congratulate The Team And Drop Off A Case Of Wine For The Team Male And Female Contenders It Doesn't Sound Much But The Thought Is What Really Counts I Never Drink And Drive Aircraft Or Cars So It Will Be A There And Back Trip ...Tonite I've Got To Don On The Monkey Suit For The Awards I Hate Evening Dress But I Have To Go As I'm Picking Up An Award No Big Deal Except That It's Very Usefull For Making New Contacts And Contracts I'm Taking Jenny And Sadie Hoping That In The Future One Or The Other Will Be Able To Go In My Place As Things Are Going So Well With The Material I Create At The Cave Hits All The Agency Outlets And I Need To Keep Them Supplied ...From Now Untill Glastonbury Starts Up I'm Working Flat Out To Keep Everyone Happy It's Music Festival Time All Over The World And A Lot Of My Arrangements And Music Need To Be Completely Different From All The Other Writers And Compositions Available On The Music Scene Thats Where The Girls Come In With Distribution Outlets Screaming For New Material Non Stop Sooo There You Have It Mind On The Job And It's All Good INNIT SMILE !!! Ok Sweeeeetttzzz Have A Lovely Day Keep Smiling See You Soon...



04/13/2022 10:35:48

Hi Babes Smile!!!Bit Late Today Knocking My Self Out In The Garden But Looking At It Now It's All Starting To Feel Good Again At Home I Was Getting Very Comfy In The Cave Out Very Early Jane Comes Around Leading One Of her Stable Horses And Off Up The Beach Just Got To Take Control He Didn't Like It The Horse .Used To Getting His Own Way He Settled Down And Fell In Line I Thought That Sorted Him Out...On The Way Back Jane Flew Past Me In Full Gallop And My Boy Thats His Name Pricked Up His Ears And Away He Went But Not Where I Wanted To Go He Just Dived Straight Into The Sea And Swam With Me Trying To Turn Him Around And I Didn't Want To Lose Her Horse Lucky He Turned And Headed Back to Shore Jane Was Killing Herself Laughing On The Beach Apparently He Does It To Every Rider It's His Party Piece ...But I Think He Knew Exactly What He Was Doing ...Ok Sweeeettttzzz Have A Lovely Evening Be Happy And Take Care INNIT SMILE!!!...



04/12/2022 07:57:54

Hi Babes Smile!!!...Back In London For A Few Days ...Had A Very Productive Week Studio Wise Not Completed As Of Yet But Ok To Work From For The Time Being All The Building And Security Finished But The Engineers Are A Bit Slow In Changing My Digital Outlets Over Not A Problen It Just Means I Have To Use The Old Way Of Connecting Up Globally For Another Week Or So...Jane Did A Fair Job Of Keeping Me Posted As I Used A Lot Of My Week Flying A Piper Comanche All Arround Cornwall Checking Out Various Other Studios That I Can Do Deals With In The Future Very Surprised At How Easy It Was To Interact With Them All ,Completely Different To The Continental Scene ...The Girls Have Been A Blessing Taking Care Of My London Contacts And In Fact I Even Have Some Meeeee Time Now I'm Home...I'm Doing Another Gig At The Weekend Same Venue As Last Time With The Group I'm Taking To To Glastonbury Later On In The Year They Are Fairly New To Festival Audiences But In My Mind They Are Ready To Go ...See How It Goes INNIT SMILE!!!...OK Sweeetttzzz Have A Lovely Week Be Happy See You Soon...



04/10/2022 14:09:33

04/10/2022 08:19:51

.Sunday!! Have a great day my friend. I know I will  

04/10/2022 01:50:13

04/09/2022 20:10:00

04/09/2022 03:27:30

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Enjoy your Weekend! 

04/05/2022 09:02:22

Wishing you a Tasty Tuesday.  Have a Tasty day! 


04/03/2022 16:03:53

04/03/2022 02:01:06

04/02/2022 04:16:12

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Enjoy your weekend! 

04/01/2022 19:56:39

04/01/2022 08:51:46

Hi Babes Smile!!!Weather Sunny With Sleet Showers And Very Cold Around 7C...I Dropped Jackie Off In Oxford And Flew Back To My Club At About 9pm Jeff My Instructor Offered Me A Deal On One Of His Training Planes To Hire Out When I'm Not Using It, It's The Same Baby I Learned To Fly In It's Quite A Big Deal Maintaining And Servicing Aircraft Whatever The Size But In Fact It's Much Cheaper For Me To Stick To The Deal We Already Have Which Is Picking Up And Dropping Off Hired Bookings When I'm Not To Busy It's Tempting But I Had To Think Of My Own Business First And From Now On For The Rest Of This Year I 'll Be Writing For The Agency Thats Supplying My Studio In Cornwall Which Is One Of The Reasons I Bought The Cave In The First Place I Find The Isolation Very Beneficial To Take On More Contracts Which Will Please The Girls As That Will Mean A Rise In Wages For Them And That Will Keep Us All Happy INNIT SMILE!!!...Ok Sweeeeetzzz Heading Off To My Gym To Give Ann-Marie Another Chance To Lay On The Pressure Lol...But It Really Does Keep Me In Good Shape...Soooo Have A Lovely Day Be Happy See You Soon...



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