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10/30/2022 08:28:33

❤️ Good afternoon have a chilled out Sunday 

love and hugs xxx ❤️

10/29/2022 17:54:07

evening  chilly day was 50 today.,  i stayed in

my son came by and did the leaves filled 4 bags ., but the trees are still full so will have lots more to do.

plus he took more of  his stuff  ., still has a lot more to go.  have a great weekend 

have a great halloween  weekend

10/29/2022 09:00:44

❤️ Good afternoon have a super Saturday 

love and hugs xxx ❤️

10/28/2022 19:21:14

10/28/2022 10:25:36


10/28/2022 03:52:18

❤️ Good morning have a fantastic Friday 

love and hugs xxx ❤️

10/27/2022 18:37:07


went to the grocery store today., will have to go tomorrow to another one same store just different town

they didn't have what i wanted at the one i went to.. asked my son to rake some leave but wouldn't i tried did 1 bag so far.,  told me to do it says his girlfriend moms does it with the gas pack on her back i have one but told him she's  20 years younger and didn't have open heart surgery.,  i can't win with my kid sometimes/ getting the 3rd booster shot tomorrow

oh well  hope  you  had a better day then me..  congts to all the winner in the contest.

good night


10/27/2022 15:14:34

Nothing Is Impossible; Always Do Your Best & Let God Do The Rest. Have A Thankful Thursday. Blessings, Jesus Hug & Prayers. Patty Ann

10/27/2022 03:35:35

❤️ Good morning have a fabulous Thursday 

love and hugs xxx ❤️

10/26/2022 17:18:16

Evening I stayed in today  heavy winds and rain

went up in the attic to get some stuff my son wanted for his house  decoratons for holidays., but left it on top stairs  i can't bring it down., he said he'll be by tomorrow.

hope you had a good day., see you tomorrrow  i plan on going grocery shopping.

10/26/2022 10:53:16

10/26/2022 03:34:41

❤️ Good morning have a wonderful Wednesday 

love and hugs xxx ❤️

10/25/2022 18:25:11

Evening still having heavy rains tonight and going to be worse tomorrow,'have a good night

10/25/2022 03:34:17

❤️ Good morning have a peachy Tuesday 

love and hugs xxx ❤️

10/24/2022 18:02:41

Evening my friend., were having heavy rains today., went for coffee and to BJ;S and when i went back to my car i didn't have my keys.,  dropped them in the store was lucky  when i went in to the service desk someone turned them in., was my house key car and house alarm on it. hope you had a better day  than me., night all

10/24/2022 09:04:58


10/24/2022 03:25:56

💛 Good morning I hope you had a wonderful weekend

have a Magical Monday ..love and hugs xxx 💛

10/23/2022 15:45:25


did nothing today, hope your having a great day

10/23/2022 15:14:43

10/23/2022 07:57:10

💛 Good afternoon have a chilled out Sunday 

love and hugs xxx 💛

10/22/2022 18:14:17

Evening  hope you had a great Saturday.,  just changed linen and doing laundry, going to be nice i can do it anytime i want.,  my son just been coming by  taking thinks out ., still have to move his furniture.

I stayed in all day., have a good night.

10/22/2022 11:33:54

💖 Good afternoon have a super Saturday 

love and hugs xxx 💖

10/22/2022 10:18:28


10/21/2022 18:30:10

Evening  hope your having a good start to the weekend.

The weather been in the 50's  today/.  well my son signed paper today  to his new home.. so in about 10 day  all his stuff will be moved out .,

only has sundays to do it  were he works 12 hour days.  I meet my financial advisor today., plus he girls for coffee., the went to staples and recycles  2 printers  they worked but don't need that many.,  have a good night  and going upstairs early  tired.

10/21/2022 03:49:47

❤️ Good morning have a fantastic Friday 

love and hugs xxx ❤️

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