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12/09/2022 23:09:05


12/09/2022 16:33:32



Es freut mich,
dass wir nun wieder bei My Boomer uns austauschen können.

Mein Laptop ist
bis auf paar Kleinigkeiten fertig eingerichtet.

Ich muss mich
aber erst noch mit ihm anfreunden, denn es ist alles etwas anders, als ich
vorher gewohnt war.

Wir hatten
heute einen schönen sonnigen Tag, aber es war sehr kalt. Das WE soll noch
kälter werden.

Wünsche dir
einen schönen Samstag und ein angenehmes 3. Adventswochenende.

Viele herzliche

von Deiner

12/09/2022 09:21:22

"You have the power to stretch 

reality to fit your dreams."

~ Unknown ~

12/09/2022 07:45:53
   Guten Morgen. Schönes Wochenende Marie

12/09/2022 03:45:48

Guten morgen und ceine schönen freitag Liebe Christine und herzlichen grüßen an Dich


12/08/2022 18:16:10


12/08/2022 11:03:24

Liebe Christine,

ich habe zwar noch viele Probleme mit dem Laptop, aber My Boomer konnte ich einrichten.

Schön, dass wir hier wieder miteinander schreiben können.

Ich Wünsche dir noch eine angenehme Restwoche und pass gut auf dich auf.

wärmende Knuddelgrüsse von Deiner Liliane

12/08/2022 09:07:18

Three things never return: the arrow launched, 

the word pronounced and lost opportunity

~ Chinese proverb ~

12/08/2022 08:15:13

December 8

Thought for the Day:

Peace be in your heart today and know that all is well. “Dear ones,” the angels say often, “everything you need is inside your heart, and it it your willingness that will allow it to come to the surface in your life.” Today tell God you are ready to receive that which you want and need, and pray for others to have their needs met as well.

Prayer for the Day:

Dear God I love to give but help me also open up to receive your love and your grace in my life. Help me be willing to receive the answers to my prayers, and help others do the same as well.

Song for the Day:

Whitney Houston sings “Joy to the World.”

Let every heart receive! One of my favorites!

A freshly cut Christmas tree is a must-have for many families during the Holiday season. The sight and fragrance of a live evergreen tree can’t be imitated and is a vital part of the yearly celebration.

Taking proper care of a cut Christmas tree will ensure it remains green and healthy throughout the Holiday season. Without proper care, it will turn brown, drop needles on the floor, and become a fire hazard.

Follow these care tips so you can keep your fresh-cut Christmas tree green and fragrant for 30 or more days during the Holiday season.

Buy a Fresh Tree

When looking for a cut Christmas tree, check the ground under the tree. If there’s a lot of needles on the ground, leave the tree alone.

Check for freshness by gently grasping a branch and pulling your hand towards you. The needles should not fall off.

Acclimate the Tree

Don’t bring the cut tree directly into a warm, indoor environment. Allow it to remain outside in a sheltered location for 2-3 days to become acclimated to warmer temperatures.

Place the tree trunk in a bucket of water during this acclimation time and make sure the water never dries up. A cut tree can drink a gallon of water each day.

Cut Off 2-Inches

After the acclimation time, cut 2-inches off the bottom of the trunk. When the tree was first cut pitch began to ooze out of the wound and seal up the pores. By making a fresh cut across the trunk, the pores are reopened so the tree can drink water.


Select a location that is away from direct sunlight. Most people place their Christmas tree near a window so it can be viewed from outside but the sunshine coming in through the window dries out the tree. A north-facing window is fine but for other window exposures make sure the sun does not shine on the tree.

Place the tree away from sources of heat and away from the exterior door to avoid drafts.

A cool location that is far from a high-traffic area within the home is ideal. A nearby water source is also helpful because you will be watering the tree daily.

Water, Water, Water

As previously mentioned, a fresh-cut Christmas tree can drink 1-gallon of water a day. Make sure to add water frequently to the basin and never let the water level go below the tree’s base.

Some people place sphagnum moss or potting soil around the base of the tree trunk to help retain moisture. Either can help but just plain water is the essential element.

The warmer the room the more water the tree will need to stay alive. Check water level at least once a day, twice is better.

May the Angels Shower you with Blessings Daily 

12/07/2022 16:21:33

Liebe Christine, ja es ist auch bei uns recht unfreundlich draußen. Gott sei Dank noch trocken. Unsere Jüngse mit Fam. wollten heute kommen, leider ist ihr Mann krank geworden. Aber sie hofft, dass sie es morgen doch schaffen. Hab noch so viel zu erledigen, hoffe es zu schaffen. LG Waltraud

12/07/2022 11:23:59

When the past calls, 

let it go to voicemail;

it's got nothing new to say

~ Unknown ~

12/06/2022 18:32:05


12/06/2022 15:41:45





12/06/2022 10:18:09

You may never know what results will come from your actions, 

but if you do nothing- there will be no results.

~ Gandhi ~

12/06/2022 06:18:52

A Happy & Lovely Tuesday to You my Sweet Friend...♥


adreciclarte4:“Sam Cooke, 1960 by Jess Rand”

Peut être un gros plan de 1 personne et barbe


Animals snow white GIF on GIFER - by Kazrami

12/06/2022 00:13:38

Guten morgen und eine schönen Dienstag Liebe Christine , mit Herzlichen grüßen an Dich 

12/05/2022 12:20:42

In life there are 1000 reasons to cry, 

100 reasons to smile, 

10 reasons to keep going 

and 1 reason to care

~ Unknown ~

12/05/2022 07:04:43

Angel Message for December

Dear Ones,
It is unfortunate that with the holiday season comes so much stress and worry! 
There are decorations to be placed in your homes and outside them as well, with perhaps concern about whether they are festive enough or numerous enough or stylish enough. 

Holiday cards must be chosen and sent to friends and loved ones.  Gatherings must be arranged; guests must be chosen and invited, a menu planned and prepared, garments selected for the event.  And there are gifts to consider.  Recipients, their wishes, and your budget come into play followed by the time-consuming task of not merely wrapping the gifts but doing it so beautifully that giftees will hate to disturb the wrap to discover the gift.
So many tasks, so many trips to shops to accomplish them all.  But what of your planet?  The pollution of the vehicles you use to travel, the environmental toll of so many purchases with so much packaging, the impact of so many new items of clothing when the planet is drowning in used garments… 
Celebrating comes with a heavy cost to the pocketbook and your planet, a cost which can surely dampen the joy of the season. 
How can you preserve the joy of the day?  We are happy to entertain this question!
Restoring the joy to your holiday is far easier than you might imagine. 
Consider the source of the holiday stress: it is the worldly vision of what it means to celebrate.  Because the world is enmeshed in the physical, celebration becomes a matter of the physical – special clothing, lavish meals, abundant sweets, extravagant gifts, stylish parties, and so on.  Because the world honors wealth, the trappings of the holiday are costly.  Because the world values status, holiday elements must follow the current trends and fashion.  Everything must be special, out of the ordinary. 
The need for such celebration is part of the Lie of worldly life. If wealth, beauty, style, fame, or fashion were the worthy goal the world insists, there would be happiness and satisfaction among those who possess these trivial assets.  Your news, however, is filled with the travails suffered by those the world rewards with celebrity because none of trappings of fame or fortune can offer satisfaction but only distraction. 
But, dear Ones, you are not creatures of the world.  You are temporarily inhabiting a physical body but are not limited to that body.  In truth, you are spiritual beings living in the physical world, but that world is not your home.  Your home is in the vastness of the universe, in the essence of Loving Creator who is Love Godself. 
Your holidays create stress because your celebration is not in alignment with the truth of your being.  When you align with Spirit, you are able to celebrate the holiday for its core truth which is love.  Love has created all that is.  Love saves you from the limitations of the physical world.  Love unites you to all the children of Love.  Love fulfills your deepest longings, satisfies your craving for peace and happiness. 
How can you celebrate the love which your special days honor?  While the world thinks big, think small.  Instead of the lavish gift, give the simple gift from your heart.  Instead of the costly gathering, have cozy visits with dear ones, sharing loving words and happy moments. 

Find ways to share love and laughter and happiness instead of stuff, and you will fill your holidays with special moments and precious memories. 
Finally, Beloveds, keep in mind that as you celebrate love, you celebrate the Almighty, who is Godself Love ever present within and among you.
You are blessed, always.

Sending prayers and blessings for all who need it .

December 5

Thought for the Day:

Candles symbolize the light within us. Allow your light to shine today. Be proud of your gifts and talents. Resolve to use one of your gifts and talents as a present to someone else this holiday season. Do you have a beautiful voice – sing on someone’s phone. Do you like to bake – make treats for a clerk at the store. Do you like to work on the computer? Help someone who is in need. Do you do art? Make a card by hand for someone you appreciate. Don’t hide your light! Let it shine!

Prayer for the Day:

God help me remember that I have gifts and talents to share with the world! Help me let my light shine bright.

Song for the Day:

Carrie Underwood’s “Do You Heart What I Hear?”

Everyone in the song, from the star, to the lamb, to the wind in the trees, the shepherd boy, and the king had a role to play in Christmas.”

12/05/2022 00:26:58

Guten morgen und eine schönen anfang der Woche Liebe Christine , mit herzlichen grüßen an Dich

12/04/2022 18:17:34


12/04/2022 16:18:41

Liebe Christine, bei uns hat am Nachmittag sogar die Sonne ein wenig gescheint. Ich war wieder am Weihnachtsmarkt bei unserem Stand. War sehr interessant , soo viele Leute waren dort. Ich habe die verkauften Karten gespendet für unseren Verein. Auch die anderen Frauen haben ihre Erzeugnisse gespendet. Ein Teil geht an ein Kind, das sehr krank ist u. einen speziellen Apparat braucht, der über 20.000 Euro kostet und es sich die Eltern nicht leisten können.. So konnten wir vielleicht einen Beitrag leisten, um das Gerät zu kaufen. Dir wünsche ich eine schöne neue Woche. LG Waltraud

12/04/2022 05:52:44

Sunday my Precious Friend.
Love, Hugs
& Smiles:))).

12/04/2022 00:01:59

Guten morgen und eine schönen Sonntag Liebe Christine , mit Herzlichen grüßen an Dich

12/03/2022 16:06:41

We had a dull and cold November-Day. In our village we have a
Christmasmarket. I was asked to show my Christmas-cards. Had a nice
afternoon, to see all those people looking and passing by. Wishing you
an entertaining weekend. Hugs Trudy

12/03/2022 08:51:16

Today is your day to paint life in bold colors;
set today's rhythm with your heart-drum;
walk today's march with courage;
create today as your celebration of life.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie
Photo of the week

by Ann Albers in Northern AZ

The season of lightMessage from the AngelsMessages from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Your holidays are a celebration of Light in the darkness. The Christ child came during dark times of oppression, amid taxation, in a dark, cold cave, through a young, unwed mother. The lamp stayed miraculously lit after intense massacre, war, and turmoil when hope was desperately needed. The celebration of the solstice – the darkest day of your year – marks a turning point towards the Light.

The history of each holiday is different. The celebrations are unique. Nonetheless, the vibrations of all these holidays are the same: love, peace, and hope. Each, in its own way, is a celebration of the triumph of Light over darkness that offers a ray of hope no matter how challenging times may be. You focus – some of you for the entire season, some for a moment –  on the Light and the ever-present love that waits to be sought, seen, and acknowledged.

The Light has never left you. It was present in the moment of creation. It is present in every loving glance. It is present in the birth of every child and the re-birth of every soul as they transition back into the expanded realms. The Light is in your tears as you grieve your physical losses and present in your laughter. The Light is in your joy and your sadness where it lays buried, perhaps like a seed waiting for you to acknowledge the life it wants to sprout within you.

The light is present as strongly now as it always has been. The love remains constant and unchanged. It shows up in countless different forms. To the degree that you allow it in your own heart and your own life, you will experience ever-increasing amounts of this light.

You call something a miracle when your focus on the desire is stronger than your doubt, disbelief, and focus on the problem. If you want to experience the light dear ones, focus on it. If you want to experience it as love, focus on love. If you want to experience it as abundance, focus on abundance. If you want to experience it as peace, focus on peace. For wherever you are, there the light is. Wherever you focus, that is what you experience.

Mary focused on God's grace and her willingness to receive it in the form of a child. The keepers of the temple focused on hope and reconsecrating it to the Light once again. During the solstice, you focus on longer, lighter days to come. During these turning points, your world's focus shifts from dark to Light and despair to hope. In so doing, you allow the Light – in many more beautiful forms – to flow into your experience.

Turn your focus to all that is beautiful, light, and love-filled. Focus on the warmth behind the holiday trimmings. Enjoy your material world. It, too, is a manifestation of Light. Remember, however, to appreciate the love behind it. Love your gatherings by focusing on the good within all. Love your traditions – new or old – by focusing on the good feelings they bring. Love your meals and treats as symbols of loving care. Love your gifts as emblems of love; whether or not you like the thing, appreciate the thought. Love your decorations for the artistry and creativity in each.

Everywhere you look, see the love. With each sparkling Light, each candle burning bright, think about and appreciate the sparks of Light within each one of you. If you have lost love in the form of a dear one, open to feeling them as they are now, for they know where you are, and they feel closer to you than can be described in human terms and want to share that Light with you.

The Light is never gone. It is there for you all. It is simply waiting for your focus to invite it into your hearts, lives, and communities. Welcome the Light into your heart during this season by focusing on it more; in so doing, you will experience more of it each day.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels


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