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11/26/2022 00:22:22

Guten morgen und eine schönen Wochenende Liebe Christine , mit herzlichen grüßen an Dich

11/25/2022 18:58:05


11/25/2022 15:50:03

Liebe Freundin Christine,
ich schau vorbei, um dir ein ganz zauberhaftes Wochenende zu wünschen.

Bei uns wird der Samstag
ein grauer Tag und der Sonntag grau mit Regenschauer. Halt November!!!

Liebe Knuddelgrüße von
Deiner Liliane



11/25/2022 11:09:28

“Always forgive your enemies; 

nothing annoys them so much.” 

~ Oscar Wilde ~

11/25/2022 06:19:54

May This Friday bring You Love & Joy my Sweet Friend....♥

Yannick Noah | iHeart

11/25/2022 00:01:48

Guten morgen und eine schönen Freitag Liebe Christine , mit herzlichen grüßen an Dich

11/24/2022 15:50:40

Christine! Ich hoffe du bist jetzt besser dran, nachdem man dir die Nierenschiene
entfernt hat.

Wünsche dir
einen schönen Freitag und später einen guten Start ins Wochenende. Herzliche Grüße
und Knuddis von Deiner Liliane




11/24/2022 09:14:31

Forget about the people in your past... 

they didn't make it to your future for a reason!

~ Unknown ~

11/24/2022 07:45:09

Let Each Day be a Thanksgiving.

Let each day be a thanksgiving.

Each November, the United States celebrates a national day of Thanksgiving. It is my personal favorite holiday, and the one with which I most identify.

Gratitude is one of the values I hold most dear, each and every day, so I particularly appreciate having one day each year when gratitude and giving thanks are publicly recognized.

But rather than expressing gratitude once a year, let each day be a thanksgiving - a day of profound gratitude for all of life.

Why not take time today to celebrate your gratitude.

Make a gratitude list today. Consider beginning a Gratitude Journal and making an entry in that journal every day. My gratitude list begins with the gift of my own life, my being. I then add my health, my friends and family, and ... the list gets very long.

What is on your of gratitude list?

Celebrate your gratitude today... Form a circle and hold hands with friends and family. Raise a plate of food with outstretched fingers and offer thanks to Spirit. Place a candle and special remembrances on a table and offer thanks for those who have gone before. Let Spirit guide the form of your celebration today.
In a world where so many are hungry,
may we eat this food with humble hearts;
in a world where so many are lonely,
May we share this friendship with joyful hearts.
- Anonymous

As we join hands in fellowship
around this bountiful table,
we give thanks for the blessings of this food
and the love of these friends
as a symbol of our gratitude
for all the manifold blessings of this life.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

11/24/2022 00:24:49

Guten morgen und eine schönen Donnertag Liebe Christine , mit liebevolle grüßen an Dich


11/23/2022 18:18:13

11/23/2022 17:35:39

Liebe Christine, bei uns regnet es schon wieder. Ja ich bin fleißig beim Basteln, obwohl dauernd eine andere Arbeit ansteht, die mich wieder davon abhält. Wie gehts dir? Ich hoffe, deine Arztbesuche haben dir geholfen! Mir geht es Gott sei Dank wieder gut, nur muss ich recht aufpassen, mich ja nicht wieder zu verkühlen, sonst fängt der Husten sofort wieder an. Dir wünsch ich einen schönen neuen Tag. LG Waltraud

11/23/2022 15:20:18


Einen schönen Donnerstag wünsche ich dir,
liebe Christine. Über Luxbg hängen immer noch dunkle Regenwolken, bei +/- 10
Grad. Hab einen schönen Tag und lass dich mal drücken von Deiner Liliane




11/23/2022 10:58:13

Life ends when you stop dreaming,

Hope ends when you stop believing 

and Love ends when you stop caring. 

So dream,hope and love... 

Makes Life Beautiful.

~ Unknown ~

11/23/2022 00:15:02

Guten morgen und eine schönen Mittwoch Liebe Christine , mit herzlichen grüßen an Dich

11/22/2022 18:11:50


11/22/2022 15:06:17

Christine. Hier kommen regnerische Grüße von mir zu dir. Ich wünsche dir auch
bei miesem Wetter einen schönen Wochenteiler und eine angenehme 2.
Wochenhälfte. Mach’s gut und pass auf dich auf. Drückerchen von Deiner Liliane



11/22/2022 10:54:03

“Logic will get you from A to Z; 

imagination will get you everywhere.” 

~ Albert Einstein ~

11/22/2022 10:38:05

May Your Tuesday be Delightful my Treasured Friend...♥ 

i-likedreadlocks:“ via (i-likedreadlocks)”


holidays medley…

While waiting for the next topic…[Adrien Declerck by Solveig Möller…]

avoyageforever:“ A wrong turn led me to a field of flowers and suddenly I’m second guessing every wrong turn in my life.Every wrong turn has lead me to where I am currently, and I am happy as hell, so were they really wrong turns? ”

11/22/2022 08:09:11

The ~ angels say:






A Special Angel Message
We appreciate that you've taken time to read through this little Flash.  Here in Canada, we have just celebrated Harvest Thanksgiving and next week our friends in the US and other parts of the world will also be gathering to give thanks for family, friends and blessings.  Gratitude and Thankfulness in our daily lives can make a difference in our experience and that of the world as well.

We asked the Angels to share a message with everyone.  Here is what they say:

Dear Ones,

At this time of year, thoughts turn to gratitude.  Throughout your world, the nations celebrate thanksgiving with special holidays, religions offer special prayers and services, and self-improvement leaders encourage followers to embrace the joy that comes from a thankful heart.  Thanksgiving is so important that it is hard for you to find a nation or philosophy that doesn’t recognize and honor the quality of gratitude.

How does it happen that so many diverse traditions and philosophies are united in this understanding?  Love does not restrict truth to only one group of followers but makes truth available to all peoples.  And so it is that all the many traditions honor love, honor integrity, honor gratitude.

“Easy to say,” you may respond, “but how can I feel grateful when around me all I see is disarray?” 

It is true that you are surrounded by troublesome events and trends in your world and its nations.  You may be facing trouble in your own life, as well.  Troubled times often bring challenges to relationships, finances, health, work, and all aspects of earthly life.  Feeling gratitude is difficult when your eyes behold difficulties at every turn.

Despite all, however, your life is not set in stone.  In the blink of an eye, your world could change mightily for the better – or the worse, if that is your perspective. Perspectives can change, however, and learning to exchange an unhappy perspective for a happier one is a valuable lesson. 

What in your life is precious and satisfying, even joyful, for you?  It may be the love of family or friends – human or animal.  Perhaps you have a favorite song that never fails to set your heart dancing, and perhaps your feet as well.  Is there a treasured possession that gladdens your spirit whenever you see or consider it?  However troublesome life may look to you at an unhappy moment, there is always someone or something about which you can say, “Well, at least I have this, and I am glad in having it!”

Spend a moment considering such things in your life and write a list on your heart or in your journal.  During hard times, visit that list and choose one item and examine it in your mind until you can smile and say, “I have this and I am glad to have it!” Then, choose another and another until the unhappy feeling melts in the warmth of happy gratitude. 

Such a practice brings gifts to you.  Perhaps the most important gift is the better feeling that sends the unhappiness away.  It is important because the energy you send through your feelings is attractive; that is, the energy has the impact of drawing into your life whatever matches that feeling.  Feelings of frustration or lack or loneliness draw more of the same to you.

By shifting your emotions to something happier, better things come to you.  Not only will you feel better but your day will get better, too, and as it does, your happy feelings will increase and bring even more fresh good into your life. 

And that is something for which you can give thanks!  

Thank you, Angels!

Today, fear again grips America - in public and in private. Remember FDR's words and focus with courage on the job at hand - the job of living joyfully regardless of external circumstances.

We shall draw from the heart of suffering itself
the means of inspiration and survival.
- Winston Churchill

May the Angels Shower You with Blessings Daily. x

11/21/2022 18:21:18

11/21/2022 16:59:47

We started another week. Hope it is bringing happyness to everyone of
us.... Hugs Trudy

11/21/2022 15:33:33


Christine! Nach einem verregneten WE sind wir mit gleichem Wetter in die neue
Woche gestartet. Richtig kalt hatten wir es noch nicht, hier lagen die
Temperaturen um 10 Grad, sogar noch was drüber. Bis Donnerstag erst mal keine
Änderung in Sicht. Hoffe du hattest einen guten Start in diese Woche und ich
wünsche dir einen schönen Dienstag. Viele liebe Knuddelgrüße von Deiner Liliane




11/21/2022 11:18:44

“Flowers are the alphabet of angels, 

whereby they write on the hills and 

fields mysterious truths.” 

~ Benjamin Franklin ~

11/21/2022 05:42:24

Hello my Sweet Friend.
hope You enjoyed Your Weekend.
Are You getting ready for
I will be spending my THANKSGIVING
alone this Year!
I am so THANKFUL I have a Great Friend
in You!
I am going to make an APPLE Pie, You
are always welcome to join Me.
Love, Hugs & always THANKFUL

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