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I talk to everyone

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My favorite current actor is Gary Oldman. This is a lie...Klaus Kinsky will forever own my heart as the worlds best actor...and if you don't know who that is so what! I wish he would make more movies and not always be a character actor. Though he is a good character actor. Klaus Kinsky is dead. Anything he is in is a masterpiece. He made Dr. Shivago worth watching.

Baltimore Consort. Hossam Ramsey. Loreena McKennit (spelling) where the h is she. Buffy Saint Marie. Beethoven. Bach. Purcell. And of course Pink Floyd. Started listening to T-Rex again recently...man they were brilliant.

Oh yeah Dr. Shivago (spelling) was a great read. All that symbology. Jane Smiley. Morgan LLywellyn. Phillipa Greagory though the last two interestingly read like romance novels. but the stories are better. I love lots of books and authors. AI chip please can't remember who or what I read but I liked it all cause I don't read what I don't like.

Dancing. Music making. Making jewelry. Sometimes reading. Socializing. New addiction personal web page blogging....

Read a page on myspace the kid said he would have liked to have known his parents when they were younger. Yeah responsibility. My kids are embarrased by me. I am sort of like Edina in Absolutely Fabulous and don't say one bad word about that show or its characters or writers cause they were funny. My daughter is like Saffy. Sweety dahling......My daughter saw me dance last weekend and then did that phoney phone call stuff and said she really loved Ra'eeshah that is my dance name.

People who are aware of what is going on around them. Listening. Putting on a buzz. People watching. DANCING.

Drama Queens, Drama Kings. Keep it real.

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