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mem_normal2 OFFLINE
73 years old
San Angelo, Texas
United States
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AirForce One.
Murder at 1600.
Conspiracy theories.
All the Presidents men.
The Queen.
Biographical-Historical movies of the Presidents
of the United States.

All of the movies staring Denzel Washington most recent "Dejavue"
Also like all those old black and white movies.

Varies according to my mood.
Classical like Mozart,Tshaikovsky, ect.
Doowop and oldies from the 1950's.
As well as the swings from the 1940's such as Benny Goodman,Glenn Miller, ect.
Also The Eagles, Abba, Heart.
All the old country singers like Jim Reeves,Ray Price.ect.
Even Yanni,Miachel Bolton.
In short most anything exept acid,hard rock and rap.


I love political thrillers and conspiracy novels.
First book I ever read was Wuthering Heights
second was Silas Marner.

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Painting. Writing poetry. Cooking. Sewing. Decorating

Hope to somday have more time for my hobbies.
I do not drink other than on my birthday ,one strawberry Daquiry.
A half a can of beer with Pizza maybe twice a year
I have low blood sugar and can not tolerate alcohol.
And I am a shpaholic at second hand and thrift stores...garage sales as well..Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I love cats and kittens have plenty
of them including 3 dogs.
Would like to have an elmira
retro cook stove {the 1800's
style but use gas rather than wood}
The price tag is out of my reach.
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Aside from that having been raised by an alcoholic parent and having been married to a couple of alcoholics.
I am totally turned off by it.
I definately do not like vulgar words or jokes.

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